ADT Security Headquarters

ADT Security Headquarters
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ADT Security Services, Inc Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the ADT Security Services, Inc Headquarters.

ADT Inc., formerly The ADT Corporation, provides residential and small business electronic security,  home alarm systems, fire protection, and other related alarm monitoring services.

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ADT Security Services, Inc Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
ADT Home Security
Corporate Address
1 Town Center Rd.
Boca Raton, FL
Phone Number
(561) 988-3600
Fax Number
(561) 988-3601
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

What is ADT Security Services’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

ADT Security Services’ Headquarters phone number is: 1-561-988-3600.


What is ADT Security Services’ Customer Service Phone Number?

ADT Security Services’ Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-521-1734 or 1-800-280-6946.

To get a quote, call ADT on 1-800-587-4198.

Other ADT Customer Care phone numbers:

Sales: 800-884-4226
Support: 800-521-1734

Sales: 888-244-4505
Support: 800-515-2216

Health & Senior Safety
Sales: 877-801-7387
Support: 800-658-7134

You can also contact ADT Customer Service on Twiiter by writing to the Twitter handle: @askADT.

The ADT Contact Us page can be found here.

ADT Headquarters Executive Team.

Timothy J. Whall

Jim DeVries

Jeff Likosar

Dan Bresingham
Chief Administration Officer

P. Gray Finney
Chief Legal Counsel

Jamie Rosand Haenggi
Chief Growth Officer

Bob Dale
SVP, National Account Sales

Donald Young
Chief information officer

Jay Darfler
SVP, Emerging Markets

Stephen Hopkins
President, Adt Canada

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Sue (Robert) McNally
Sue (Robert) McNally

We were robbed on March 9th, we called ADT the next day and then had
to call several people, some in other states. It took almost a month to get
a security system installed. They forgot the sensors on the windows and
something on the front door. FINALLY, it was finished. We asked and asked and called and called about the $l00.00 gift card and have been
given the run around including today!! And yet at least 3 times a week we
receive in the mail – the promotion letter or card offering the $100.00.
Today we received 2 identical letters. Both with photos of the gift card.
I have talked to at least 12 people and each and every one gives me the
run around, and says its not them, its another distributor, person, company etc, etc, etc. It’s hypocrisy that a company that supposed to protect, watch over and save can have so many employees pointing
at each other. It’s false advertising, fraud and a lie. I will never
suggest ADT to anyone I know. A letter in the mail will follow with copies
to Better Business Bureau, the Governor, Mayor and your competition.
I’m 86 and live on social security and you treat me like this. You should
be ashamed!!


Terrible service. My alarm went OFF twice and they did not call. DONT BUY AN ALARM from this terrible company don’t. CUSTOMER SERVICE TERRIBLE!

Keith Gonzalez
Keith Gonzalez

I was spoken to very rudely by an ADT scheduling employee. Also when asked to speak with a manager I was told by her “I will not get you a manager” I was was disrespected and not listened too. Called multiple number to document my compliant and got nothing but I’m we are sorry and we will note the file. When asked to be updated on the situation I was told there’s no updates it’s all done internal. So my appointment window was missed due to ADT lateness which is costing me money to stay home then I get spoken to disrespectfully and complain but really doesn’t seem to be a big concern or worry.


Hi I am going through so much with them right now. How did you handle your situation and what was the outcome?

Mahesh lamsal
Mahesh lamsal

Sir I am in Asia,have a good knowledge and experience in security, sales and work in hotel so if this company take abroad worker then please call me for work. Thank you.

Joseph M Bushfan
Joseph M Bushfan

Very Unprofessional Theft By Contract

Louise Devein
Louise Devein

I am looking for another security company. Due to the fact that you have lost your moral compass by advertising on Hannity-FoxNews channel, I cannot trust this corporation.


I got home, disarmed my alarm, never turned it on. While sitting less than 10 feet from the system, I get a call saying ADT got a triggered alarm notice from my back door.
Then ADT tells me, maybe my alarm is not programmed peoperly or crossed programmed with a nearby house😒 and I need to call customer services to have the issue figured out!


I am 100% dissatisfied with every aspect of Home Defenders customer service, installation, fees and product. I would like to terminate any connection to the unscrupulous company.
I spoke to the ADT representative/sales person and set up an appointment.
6/26/18 ?Defenders showed up for a quote? $59 per month service
They installed a Power box, Keypad and 3 door magnets
On the tablet used I could only see where I had to sign. My bill was not discussed, and my 1 e-signature was copied to all documents.
I was emailed the documents but it was too late, they were gone and I couldn’t reach anybody by phone or email.
My total Investment for Pulse Tier 1A $2,005
Monthly Fee $53
Auto Pay $501 initial and $501 following 3 months.
They did a partial installation and although I emailed, I couldn’t get a response for a return visit.
My alarm went off when I was out of state and there was no communication from anyone or any service.
ADT sent me to Defenders
Defenders refused to return my calls or emails for 2 months.
I finally chose to cancel service and lo and behold, a Defenders customer service representative said, I would have to have a technician come out and assess my home for the equipment already installed and then I could cancel for an additional $1,500 (I only had $501 to finish paying my contract.)
I NEVER RECEIVED THE PRODUCT IN THE CONTRACT!!! yet I have paid through Auto Pay.

Samir H Patel
Samir H Patel

I am customer with ADT since 2004 and seems ok with service I thought but in August , 2018 I tested my security system that really works or not. So I did test & didn’t get call from ADT. So I called them. So representative told me that she didn’t receive any signal & that’s why I didn’t here from them. So I asked her how to fix this? She said that has to send technician to check the system function correctly or not. I was told that she waive charges. But guess what that charged me $280. I called & talked to 3 individual & fought with them to correct bill. As per them said will take care (hopefully). But other ilegal I thought that they did was technician left from my home & he filled summary bill report while sitting in his car & acknowledge under my name & initial behalf of me by himself without letting me know to sign on that electronic device. It means I agree to pay any occurred charges & sent the above bill. When I called to dispute that bill, manager told me they can sign/initial behalf of the customer to close the business & I said to her that’s FRAUD. She said I don’t mind , they signed for me when I call for any issue at her home to check system. So I said that it means they can sign & charge customer any amount stating longer time spent to fix system.
So if you call technician to check/repair your security system, please note total timings of technician to fix issue so you don’t get over charges.

Gloria Holloway
Gloria Holloway

I would like to speak with someone from the executive office about ADT over charging customers. I received several adds from ADT stating free home security system at no cost to you for parts and activation. $99.00 plus tax for installation and the purchase of alarm monitoring system for $27.99 a month. Free 15 pre-wired door and window sensores and a $100.00 visa card. A free wireless remote control. N o where do it state you have to buy the equipment. My charge card was used to make a fraudlent charge of $156.88 on 7/24/2018 and I only called to inquire and in up making an appointment for 8/7/2018 to look into having an alarm installed and again I was charged another $153.70. I had no idea that this company had use my card and made a charge on the day I call to inquire about an alarm. I was told that they don’t take cash or checks, so I need to use my charge card. I gave my card numbers because I was told they don’t have a credit machine when the person come to install the alarm.


One of your Representative name-Chris phone# 702.625.6430 and 916.587.2743 start to threatening regarding breaking security if I don’t give him the business. Very scary.

Sonia Depina
Sonia Depina

Hello, My names is Sonia Depina. I have been a customer since the beginning of August 2018. The system has been been acting the way it should ever since. My front door is now not locking. I am in fear of the safety for my family. I need someone to handling this today. Please contact right away

Bruce wexler
Bruce wexler

We have been using ADT for several years. Thursday morning I set our house alarm and left to do errands.
ADT called my wife to inform her that the alarm was ringing and asked if they should notify the police. Five minutes later my wife called me to advise our alarm was ringing and said front door/basement door was open.
I immediately returned home and turned off the alarm. As I suspected no doors etc were open. The police came and spent 15 minutes checking every part of our house
I asked my wife to call ADT and set up an appointment to come and check the system. She was met with why, your husband probably didn’t set it properly, does he know how to set it and he probably set it and left a door open
All utter nonsense and gibberish. As an aside while we all make mistakes I have been setting this alarm for forty plus years and leaving the front door open is not something that is ever done since it has to be locked with a key. When my wife said I would like someone to come out she said why and you will be charged if there is nothing wrong. Frustrated my wife said thanks and hung up. She called back because I was incensed with the non level of help. The next person said maybe you have a low battery and you should change it. Finally she agreed to send someone. George showed up the next day. Extremely Competent and very professional. The two contacts on the front door and basement door were no longer working properly. He replaced them. He was polite, sincere and a very good representative of your company. All your employees should be so professional
As an aside we have a maintenance contract and neither of your phone people picked up on that