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2775 Sanders Rd.
Northbrook, IL
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(847) 402-5000
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Carolyn Allen
Carolyn Allen

The complaint, is Josephine will not give me a supervisor to talk to. My account being overdraft each month. Allstate is taking out of my account the being and at the of each month, I had to pay cinfed $ 85.03 on 6-1-2018, I’m faxing my banking statement to 1–866-546-9509– giving to me—Supervisor Ciana, on 6-5-2018. I’m not for sure if she’s a supervisor. I can be reached at 513-978-1136 —-please address this complaint stat. Please put the overdraft fee back in my account. Carolyn Allen, 6-5-2018

leonard F Crisi Holbrook NY
leonard F Crisi Holbrook NY

Would like someone to contact me regarding denial of claim0508942620. I placed a claim for damage to my inground swimming pool steps, that cracked when someone steped on them causing a twelve inch crack in the fiberglass step. This incident occured on July 1 2018. Water was exiting the crack so I reduced the water level to stop the leak.On the second of July I contacted my agent and told her of the proble. I was given misinformatio about the pool being covered as it was not a structure. The next day I contacted mt lawyer who told me a inground pool was a structure. and to submit a claim. My second call to the office wa told that it wa not covered and if I made a clai and it was denined it would be held against me. I wanted to go forward anyway so I called the 800 number ad was advised to call the agent. On july 3 I contacted a boat repair guy who said he would come after the forth.On the fifth he made he repair but told me it was tempory, I paid 320 dollars. The repair had to be made to stop the water loss and additional damage. I the had a pool company person come in and give a estimate of 3,200 dollars. At this point I called in the claim. I got Three differant adjuster call me and say they were comming. By the forth day a Mr Prag cane for inspection. He showed little intrest in the inspection and the gave me every talkng point as to why my claim was not valid. On July 13 I recieved a letter from him stating the claim was denied. The letter was notible because it place the date of occurance on June 1 not July 1. Just like his insection the letter showed his lack of detail.
The letter contained seven point that led to the denial. I then called him and went point by point as to howI fllowed the guide. except reporting to police. He sid he would re examine the claim with his supervisor Albert Castilo.

On July 24 Mr Prag called to tell me the claim was denied. I then contacted Mr Castilo Who said he agreed with the finding and that my failure to notify them to see the damage void my rights, even when point b. in the lettersaid that the property was to be protected from futher loss and that reasonable repairs should be made to protect the property.

My claim to allstate was met with misinformation and double talk. From the start they had no intrest in my claim. Allstate says that they protect you from Mayhem and that you are in good hands and not a cut rate company that will not stand behind you. Well the good hands I was in had open fingers thru which I fell thru