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AppleBee’s Headquarters
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AppleBee’s Headquarters Contacts.

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Applebee’s operates around 2000 restaurants. The company was bought by IHOP in 2007 and is now owned by Dine Brands Global, Inc. (Dine Equity).

AppleBee’s Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
450 North Brand Boulevard
Glendale, CA 91203
Company Contact
John C. Cywinski
Phone Number
Twitter IDs


What is Applebee’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Applebee’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-818-240-6055.


What is Applebee’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Applebee’s’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-888-592-7753.

What is Applebee’s Headquarters Address?

Applebee’s parent company, Dine Brands’ Corporate Office mail address is

  • Dine Brands Global
  • 450 N. Brand Blvd., 7th Floor
  • Glendale, CA 91203

Dine Brands’ corporate email address is:

Dine Brands’ phone number is: 1-866-995-DINE

Dine Equity’s phone number is: 1-818-240-6055

Applebee’s Customer Service Mail Address is:

  • Applebee’s Services, Inc.
  • 450 North Brand Boulevard
  • Glendale, CA 91203
  • USA


How do I Contact Applebee’s Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Applebee’s via:

Applebee’s Email Address is You can also use this Email Form to ask a question.

Applebee’s’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Applebee’s on Social Media:

Applebee’s on Twitter: @Applebees

Applebee’s on Facebook:

Applebee’s Headquarters Executive Team.

Applebee’s International, Inc’s management team consists of:

John C. Cywinski

Kevin Carroll
COO & Senior VP

Rohan M. St. George
President of International Division

Jorge Steiner
President of Chile Operations

Joel Yashinsky
Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer

Applebee’s International, Inc. Board of Directors.

Eric L. Hansen
Applebee’s International, Inc.

Erline Belton
Applebee’s International, Inc.

Michael A. Volkema
Herman Miller, Inc.

Laurence E. Harris
Applebee’s International, Inc.

Richard Carroll Breeden
Breeden Capital Management LLC

Dine Brands Global Management Team.

Stephen P. Joyce
Chief Executive Officer and Director

Darren M. Rebelez
President, IHOP

John Cywinski
President, Applebee’s

Bryan R. Adel
Senior Vice President, Legal, General Counsel and Secretary

Gregory R. Bever
Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer

Thomas H. Song
Chief Financial Officer

Adrian M. Butler
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Amy Mason
Senior Vice President, Global Communications & Consumer Insights

Dine Brands Board of Directors.

Richard J. Dahl
Chairman of the Board

Stephen P. Joyce
Chief Executive Officer and Director

Howard M. Berk

Daniel J. Brestle

Larry A. Kay

Caroline W. Nahas

Gilbert T. Ray

Douglas M. Pasquale

Lilian C. Tomovich
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Paul perez
Paul perez

Yes my name is Paul and I have a complaint about one of ur stores and I’ve been a loyal customer for a while now.and the employees where very rude and my food was cold by the time they got it to me and too top it off they got my order wrong…I’m highly disappointed


I WENT TO 1501 CEDER CREST ALLENTOWN TO DAY 27 MAY 18 APPLEBEES, IT WAS ALWAYS GREAT PLACE, TODAY,WHE I COME IN YOUNG GIRL SEZ, GO TO THE BAR, YOUR A SMOKER RIGHT/?? I Want a booth, throws silware on a table/NOW I KNOW WHY, HAD US ARMY PATCH, AND A NRA INSTRUCTOR PATCH ON JACKECT, I am thinking why the hell should i be treated like this army army 3 yrs EUROPE, and some srapp treats me like shit//this occurred at 1700 today/


I’ve been dining at your guntersville Applebees for a couple of months now have become quite frequent I frequent the bar area on numerous occasionsthrought the week am sickened to say that am pretty sure management either does not care or is being paid to turn a blind eye to what’s really going on behind that bar there’s been more than a couple times I’ve personally witnessed some kind of transactions of customers setting at the bar receiving substantialamountof drinks going outside the side door of the restroom area with different individuals and customers leave g without having to foot the Bill at times the bar tender is so out of it I’m not sure how she’s able to even perform the task at hand as far as make drinks and put in food orders I believe Applebees is a great family oriented fun friendly enviorment and would hate to see anyone get the Sri g idea about what kind of business is being ran here in guntersville Alabama at Applebees out neighbor hood bar and grill

Willie Spurs
Willie Spurs

My name is Willie and i have been eating at Applebees for many years, but i had the most worst experience yesterday with the disrespectful ass waiter and my food was not hot, food half done and we waited damn near an hr for food. Then the waitress had the nastiest attitude you can encounter and did it in front of my kids. I definitely wont be dining there no time soon.

Stacey Giordano
Stacey Giordano

I want someone to get back to me, preferably someone in POWER. I had an absolutely awful, dreadful experience at your Applebee’s location at 398 Flatbush Extension, Brooklyn, NY 11201. I patronized it on Monday, October 22, 2018

Chrystal Burden
Chrystal Burden

I just left the Applebee’s on Riverside in Macon Ga. The bartender was the worst server ever. Didn’t refill our drinks, didn’t ask was everything ok or nothing. And then when we paid our ticket she didn’t say anything just sat the ticket down and walked off. I said something to the manager and his excuse was she probably just woke up. He didn’t even acknowledge us either, I had to ask him a question for him to say something to us. I will never go here again.