Cheddars Headquarters

Cheddars Headquarters
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Cheddars Headquarters Contacts.

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Cheddars Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
2900 Ranch Trail
Ivring, TX
Phone Number
(214) 596-6700
Fax Number
(817) 571-5841

Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc. which also owns the Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, The Capital Grille, Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52 and Yard House chains.


What is Cheddars’ Corporate Office Phone Number?

Cheddars’ Headquarters phone number is: 1-214-596-6700.

Call (407) 245-4000 for Darden’s Restaurants, the parent company.


What is Cheddars’ Customer Service Phone Number?

Cheddars’ only Customer Support phone number is that of Darden Restaurants: 1-407-245-4000.


How do I Contact Cheddars Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or:

Use Cheddar’s Email Form to ask a question.

To send a letter to Darden Restaurants, use these corporate addresess:

Darden Concepts, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando,Florida 32837
United States


Darden Restaurants Mailing Address:

Darden Restaurants
PO Box 695011
Orlando, FL 32869-5011
United States


Contact Cheddars on Social Media:

Cheddars on Twitter: @Cheddarskitchen

Cheddars on Facebook:


Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen Executives.

CEO: Ian Baines
CFO: Donald Breen
COO: Doug Rogers

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Susan Brown
Susan Brown

Every time I go to cheddars in Chattanooga Tennessee I order a painkiller drink. But when I get it there is no fresh pineapple, no cherry. And no explanation. Certainly looks different in picture and I paid for the drink in the picture. When I bring it to their attention they just say they are sorry they are out. EVERY TIME!!! They should tell you this before delivering drink or knock some off price! Rip off!!! No more for me !!!!


Couldn’t contact corporate office at all!
All the customer service numbers are not working!
I want to complain about one Chadders restaurant on Barker Cypress on 290.
It is one of most dirty restaurant I ever seen!
It’s not just once in awhile, it’s every time!
They don’t wipe down the chairs, booths, head rest areas, even the tables are so discussing and dirty
food crumbs are everywhere!!!
I showed the manager all dirty places and told her they need to clean better, then she definitely agreed!
Only one reason we go to Chadders because we like
one menu they’ve got.
I hope they have really clean place next time
we visit them!!! Please clean and sanitize!!!


I have been to the Cheddars in Brooksville Florida numerous times and on two occassions i have been short changed any and all change from my bill. They have returned the bills but no change no matter how much it was. I have written cheddars twice and spoke to the Mgr Mike at which time he said he would make it right but nothing ever happened. This happened several weeks ago and still noone has contacted me.

Jasmine Timms
Jasmine Timms

I would like to make a complaint against the Cheddar’s in Grand Prairie Texas 4106 S Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 on 08/31/2018 between the hours of 7:40pm-9:30pm. It had to be the worst customer service I had ever encountered. The waitress was very rude and treated everyone at the table with disrespect. The entire night was a disaster due to the waitress. I complained to the manager about her and he did nothing about it!


THIEVES> Cheddars Scratch Kitchen The Colony- I ate at the the colony location on 09.27, the waiter Nick told us he only had been there 3 days. As to why his service was inadequate. I end up leaving my card in the black reciept book. I called the location first thing Friday morning when they opened. Spoke with a Kedran Bell who told me he was the manager. He said he looked for my card and could not locate it. I told him I knew the card was there and to please check with the waiter. He told me no one had my card. No more than 1 hour later I receive a notification of a transaction with my lost card, GUESS…. FROM Cheddars Scratch Kitchen The Colony. Now my lost card is now Stolen, when I call back to report this to Kedran, he is not able to locate the transaction at all. I provided my last 4 of my card. He told me he would report to corporate and get back with me. Nothing has been reported to date. Stay away from Cheddars The Colony- Thieves are managers

Marlin Miller
Marlin Miller

We see sweet potatoes have been taken off your menu. We eat here ateast twice a month but won’t if they are not available anymore


We ask for tables for a family of 16 for dinner. We waited over an hour to get the tables then we were seated in four booths. It was very disappointing, as our first time in your restaurant. I would not recommend it to anyone else and would not come again.

Tyeasha mcdaniel
Tyeasha mcdaniel

My name is tye my wife and I and our two twins that are 10 months went on a little dinner date last night around 10 pm which Cheddar’s is one of our favorite restaurants but we went to the one on hwy 6 and 90 when we got there we ordered they brought our food our 10 maybe 15 mins later food was not hot to touch it was warm not even usually when we go to all other Cheddar’s food be so hot you can see the steam from it anyway my salmon was hard my broccoli chews casserole was undercooked my wife chicken fried steak was undercooked her food was warm also not hot my wife accidentally left her wallet at home so me and my twin daughter stayed til she got back so during that time I even asked the waiter could she get her supervisor supervisor never came so supervisor finally walked passed my table I told her food was warm cold undercooked and over cooked she said she would have to speak to the GM she came back and said he only took $2.48 off of my meal what kind of hospitality is that when my food was horrible I’ve been throwing up and in bed all day with my tummy hurting and my twins and wife also this is unacceptable and when my wife left to get her wallet she was gone about 15 20 mind it was taking hard so she couldn’t speed back the waitier kept coming to my table asking well did she find her wallet is she on her way back but they can ask constantly about payment but not fix the damn issue of our food we will never go back to that Cheddar’s ever again on West Park location in Houston Tx will get our service we have plenty of family dinners there and this what happens to us it’s not right guess they was rushing because of closing if that was the case they should stop allowing customers in at 10pm hwy 6 and 90 has unacceptable service contact me through email to get my number if needed thanks


I have very horrible experience I will never come back Here again your service sucks one of your manager suck it took a One hour just to give you 🥗 And your waitress. Really need to be retrained He forget all bout us didn’t even tell us what was going on just keep walking pass us over and over . I had a bad experience last time I came here that’s why I stop coming but now this takes the cake I will never ever come here again


I am really disappointed that you no longer have spazania. Was my very favorite Italian fish. Will go back to Texas Road house till you bring it back. .. best food ever. Please bring it back🙏🙏🙏


Yes the Dallas location on Greenville an 635 has cockroaches in the dining room so I could imagine the kitchen but we called the manger over an he had the nerve to ask my girlfriend to kill it with her napkin

Mary Johnson
Mary Johnson

Had the worst experience with the waitress at the Cheddars in Clarksville, Ind. She never brought us our croissants and kept saying they were making more, while we saw other people being served. When she did bring them they were tiny and burnt, I was supposed to get 2 she brought 1, when I asked for my other one she got huffy because we had complained to the manager, He compensated us with half price meals, but her attitude stunk towards us. She was not friendly and warm to us like she was to the other customers. I am not trying to get anyone fired, but please hire people with personality and poise who are willing to treat all customers with concern and respect no matter their color. She acted like we were bothering her everytime we asked for something. Her name is Michelle Shepard.

steve manno
steve manno

went to beckley, west virgina location service was awesome and the ribs fell off the bone and were perfectly done, manager was sweet and when we asked to speak to her and compliment the staff she was nice enough to bring us out fresh baked cookies on the house. so a month later i find out there is a location near my home in charlotte nc . it was a completely different meal. the ribs were the worst i have had anywhere ever. hard and fatty and covered in a slop of sauce probably to hide the three day old ribs. i should have sent them back but felt uncomfortable about doing it. live and learn. i willl travel back to beckley wv again and ill eat there again but never in charlotte ever !

Melody Eschert
Melody Eschert

We usually always leave Cheddar’s happy but not today I think it was just to busy for them to handle. Food took forever at least 25 min and it was overcooked I saw my mom take a few bites of her usual order Monte Crisco then say it was too hard also her side item was missing. I had the chicken tenders and shrimp which was very dry and tuff I have been in the toilet ever since. Cheddar’s is a wonderful atmosphere great servers but the service and quality of the food has definitely changed. It’s unfortunate we won’t be back for awhile.