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Denny’s Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
203 E. Main St.
Spartanburg, SC
Company Contact
John Miller
CEO and Director
Phone Number
(864) 597-8000
Fax Number
(864) 597-8780
Employee Count
Twitter IDs


What is Denny’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Denny’s Headquarters phone number is: 1864-597-8000.


What is Denny’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Denny’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-733-6697
Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-8:00pm EST


How do I Contact Denny’s Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or reach them via:

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Denny’s’ Contact Us page can be found here.

Denny’s Mail Address is:

  • Denny’s, Inc.
  • 203 East Main Street
  • Spartanburg, SC 29319

Attention To: Call Center: P-7-3, Human Resources/Payroll/Benefits: P-5-1, Legal / Risk Management: P-12-1


Contact Denny’s on Social Media:

Denny’s on Twitter: @DennysDiner

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Denny’s Executive Team.

  • Debra Smithart-Oglesby Independent Chairman of the Board
  • John Miller President, Chief Executive Officer, Director
  • F. Mark Wolfinger Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, Director
  • Robert Verostek Senior Vice President – Finance
  • Christopher Bode Chief Operating Officer, Senior Vice President
  • Michael Furlow Senior Vice President – Information Technology, Chief Information Officer
  • John Dillon Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Timothy Flemming Senior Vice President, General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer
  • Stephen Dunn Senior Vice President, Chief Global Development Officer
  • Jill Van Pelt Senior Vice President, Chief People Officer
  • Gregg Dedrick Independent Director
  • Jose Gutierrez Independent Director
  • George Haywood Independent Director
  • Brenda Lauderback Independent Director
  • Robert Marks Independent Director
  • Donald Robinson Independent Director
  • Laysha Ward Independent Director

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Laurie Ream
Laurie Ream

A fairly new store in Silver City NM was quiet when we went in 5/30/18 around 3:30 pm. The entrance doors were sticky and covered with all kinds of smears and hand prints. We almost didn’t go in because of it. Why hadn’t anyone during that lull cleaned them? We did have a good meal/service and spoke to the manager when leaving. She said they were cleaned every 3 days or so. Really?? Wow curb appeal and customer service sure has changed over the years. Sure would appreciate attention to this problem.

Pedro Infante
Pedro Infante

This is the second time that I make a complaint and it seems like u guys don’t give a them I’m going to Sue this restaurant chains or who ever is responsible for this this Denny’s in east Los Angeles California 4760. E Cesar Chavez Av 90022 is been without AC for like 3 1/2 Weeks and no body is doing nothing last Sunday a Lady fade down same day I personality saw 2 new Born I Hope you guys gets Sue The owner doesn’t seem to CARE either plus his a disrespectful son of B if this asshole don’t like Spanish speaking people why that fuck he brings his fkn business here where every one speaks Spanish take ur mediocre restaurant somewhere else I don’t know how the worker’s put up with this last year was the same thing on Summer how is this possible this restaurant need to b closed somebody got to do something about it I’m keep writing till some one do something or it have to be A White people writing this complained in ordered for you guys to do something

Judy Williams
Judy Williams

Hello, I visit often at the Denny’s in Auburn, Maine. Saturday night got really busy, and I thought the guy washing dishes would come out and bus the tables as part of his job. I was told by the wait staff that he makes then pay him from their tips, and only then did hi bus those that the wait staff was working.

I am not happy to see such lazy young workers expecting money from the other staff.

Chrystal Drake
Chrystal Drake

I was there on Sunday a couple weeks ago.I used the restroom and the toilet broke and dumped me to the right. I smashed my right shoulder off of the metal bar and then fell to the floor. I went to the ER and now my shoulder is sprained, swollen and my arm is in a sling. I am out of work for the next couple days because of it. I’m furious. The manager took down my information the day of the incident, and I was told by another manager that the GM would call me the next day. Still no call from the GM. This Denny’s will be held responsible for my ER bill and lost wages. Very angry. Denny’s won’t call me back, the manager at the Horseheads site threatened me with Corporate lawyers, and I’m getting no where with calling the customer service number.

Damon Johnson
Damon Johnson

I went to the Denny’s in Bedford pa by the interchange at 2:00am this Saturday I say they’re with the menu up front for over an half hour and the walked past me looked at me still walked past never did any of these so called waiters ask was I ready to order do I want something to drink and what made it even worst was the girl sitting next to me they came to her twice and asked if she was good and bypassed me i was the only colored person in there makes me think they were all rasict will never go and give this place my money and I will make sure none of my friends or truck drivers I know easy there again all them waiters should be fired

Candy Sellers
Candy Sellers

I have tried calling our local Dennys in Pigeon Forge 8657745047 only to find the number is disconnected? How can that be? And can you find out when the air will be fixed, they are running fans to circulate the air.


It sounds like all Denny Franchises don’t care what condition there diners are in, My wife and I stopped in Hudson WI on 06/26/18 and our first impression was should we stay or leave, the floors were filthy with trash, most of the seat booths were all torn with duct tape on them, and the staffing was a lot to be desired, we were hungry so did stay, food was ok, but prices seem pretty high for quality of food, we are taking Denny’s off our stop list, Denny’s Corporate YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOUR STATURE!!!!


My husband, my 2 children and I went out for an early morning breakfast around 7-730am at the Denny’s diner in pryor oklahoma. When we watched a long blonde haired girl come in for her shift. They all seemed to be getting along great and was enjoying their morning helping each other, that was until we seen the older grey hair waitress clean the blondes table and took her money trying to hide it under the tub of dishes she was carrying!! We could over hear the other girls talking about the situation and wanted to let them know that we seen her pick up the money that didn’t belong to her but we never spoke up about it! I really can’t wrap my fingers around that situation as to why the older lady would have taken her money! I hope that she has been caught and fired so that she is unable to steal anyone elses hard earned tips again! That is totally ridiculous! FIRE THAT LADY her name is MICHELLE!!!


The store is in PRYOR OKLAHOMA

Edwina Wilks
Edwina Wilks

My husband and I and another couple have been going to Denny’s, 7707 Veterans Memorial, Hou Tx 77088 (Merchant #34234) for over 4 years for Sunday breakfast and everything has been fine until the Mgr. said ONE bill per table-even though we always say we are paying separate (since 2 couples). This seems ridiculous and time consuming when our husbands go up to the register and have to explain what each of them have separately and then they present their AARP cards. Well this morning they held up the line for 15mins because my husband used a credit card + AARP card and the other guy used cash. They use to give separate tickets as other restaurants do–so why is THIS Dennys requiring one bill to be separated at the register and what if it was 4 couples to separate which foods each couple needed to pay for?????
We do not like this new system and request they go back to honoring our request for a separate bill–even if they charge 5% surcharge for 3 or more separate bills.
Other than this incident, we LOVE going to this Dennys (other service is always great).
Thx in advance for your consideration and plz let me know you got this feedback.

Paul todak
Paul todak

Last night my son and I when did have dinner at Denny’s and it was the most disgusting time I ever had waiter was running around tickling the other waitresses Yelling to the store being very obnoxious took me 15 minutes just to get my coffee from the guy after I asked him twice could I have my coffee well believe it or not 15 minutes later I finally got my coffee then we ordered our food my son ordered a Bourbon Street hamburger or something like that and told the guy no mushrooms and put them on anyways the whole dinner was spoiled just by the way everybody was acting as far as staff was totally unprofessional specially my waiter running around tickling the girls being very loud and I mean he was like totally disgusting just to listen to this guy be so loud we wanted to get up and just walk out so we went ahead and ate got our bill got up and left when pay our bill and at that time I looked at the night manager and ask them did they have any toothpicks and low and behold Denny’s did not have toothpicks to give to their customers come on what Denny’s does not have toothpicks to give to their customers that was ridiculous overall my experience with this Denny’s was terrible never go there again actually the whole staff night manager all the waitresses everybody was yelling it was just was just very unprofessional this was the Denny’s located at 43rd Avenue and Peoria in Phoenix Arizona


IM JUDGE JONES.Iwould like to your attention that I visited your location in Greece N.Y. last evening when I was serviced with an employee that was very rude,she was obnoxious and very rude.This young lady needs to be displaced.Im almost at the decision to file some type of charges against her.My next visit,I’m hoping that she isn’t present.Something needs to happen ASAP!I presented whom I was and her language continued to be disrespectful.Actions need to be addressed.Dont know her name but she worked last evening,short black female and it was about 7or 8 p.m.

Sarah Harrison
Sarah Harrison

This is an extremely serious matter that need to be rectified. On October 9th 2018 I was at your Willowbrook, IL location and informed the server of a severe peanut allergy. I ordered plain pancakes and 30 minutes after ingestion I went into anaphylactic shock and had to be taken into the emergency room. I have since gone back that location to speak to the manager and she said she couldn’t do anything and to contact the area manager. I have not heard back from here. This needs immediate attention. All I ask is for the emergency room costs to be covered. I rather not have to go the legal route, but if need be I will. Please contact me in a timely manner. Thank you.


I will not be back with my young children or family or friends In the spiceland store because i think they have hired a violent register convicted crimimal to work there .he came up my radar after i was in there and seen him come in the store.. a back ground should be done…on employees… because this poses a threat us with small children…

Char R.
Char R.

I took my best friend to your Denny’s Restaurant in Westbrook CT for “Brunch” on Friday November 23rd. ( My husband and I used to enjoy Denny’s in Danbury CT so I thought this would be a nice experience. We have noticed a decline in cleanliness in Danbury but food and service is pretty good).
In your Westbrook CT Restaurant I was shocked to have awful service, awful food, unsatisfactory plating, (TBLSPNS) of grease dripping from the omlets) and observed others complaining about cold eggs and sending them back.

But at least they got their meals. My friend and I were talking and enjoying ourselves and noticed it took over an hour after ordering our meal to get mediocre tasting, Messy looking, and only warm greasy omelets and limp toast.
I will never frequent a Denny’s again. Our waiter, a very nice Black young man was embarrassed and very apologetic, cordial young man came over several times to let us know he was sorry for such a delay and let us know he did not forget us. We knew it was not his fault. We let him know this. We came very close to walking out and really should have. We zipped our mouths, even paid a tip but I vowed I would contact you and let you know this was a miserable fail. Our 2 meals came to 29.95 with tip. Please let me know you will look into this sorry example of a restaurant and improve your company back to its former good rating. We had a most awful experience at your restaurant. – Mrs R.

Sachiko Whitton
Sachiko Whitton

12/9/2018 I took 5 adult to your restaurant (#8160. 12924 beach Blvd.stanton.calif,90680. (7140 896-5095. i Must be hit one zelo extra. It is my mistake not check the tab. instead $10 for tip. I found I left $100 I called restaurant manager 2 peoples (one was women said take 3 to 4 days take care of. men name Greg said will be 5pm on friday. time come. no refund. today is 18 th of Dec. there are no refund. I’m 80 years widow and did not find my grand doughtor for over 3 years. she lived on the street or someones… I live with my doughter and her boy frend with stroke last year Jan. 3 chled (14 wirh intestnal problem , aspd. 12 & 10) i need refund soon as they promised. I paid $82.48 + tax $7.22 gratuity was charged $100 ( i was to give him $10) total of 189.70 becouse my hand start to shark badly. may be i press ( 0 extra time. ) Please consider as soon as passible to take care this.

Rowena T. Vasquez
Rowena T. Vasquez

We ordered a “slam burger” plus an extra patty. We were charged $4.49 for it. The menu says “extra path $1.50. When I conplaibted I was told I had to build my burger to get that price. However when we ordered we pointed to the place where it said extra patty 1.50. Very misleading


Get the over night cook you fired back heavy white lady


The Denny’s on Merritt blvRd is nasty the place is a Jon I got food poisoning from THERE. Lucky I didn’t sue. Take care of that trashy ass place how you even let one of your franchises get so dirty ? Doesn’t make sense.