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Corporate Address
9601 South Meridian Boulevard
Englewood, CO
Company Contact
Joseph Clayton
President and CEO
Phone Number
(303) 723-1000
Fax Number
(303) 723-1999
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Dish Network Headquarters
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Cynthia Malcolm
Cynthia Malcolm

Dishnet work took 420.00 out of my bank account that left me with 30.00 in my account. I am a diabetic I am not working I need that money to help me with my medical need and puts food on my table. I would like very much to have that money put back in my account asap. I cannot make it through June when I don’t have any financial support to fall back on. You can reach me at 470 332 9329. Cynthia Malcolm

Carol Miklica
Carol Miklica

Cynthia: has Dish called you yet? To me this is heinous what they have done to you, and urge you to write or phone corporate. They need to know.

Martin Noland
Martin Noland


Martin Noland
Martin Noland

The dish office in. SAFFORD,ARIZONA has reschuled us for four days with many excuses such as,low on gas,bad tires,ran out of time,not enough techs. I think someone needs to get new equipment and help. I think this office needs a CEO to check them out. I am going to leave dish if we can’t get better service!

Carol Miklica
Carol Miklica

AZ resident and user of Dish for 2 years. Nearing my contract expiration and have been trying to contact Dish Customer Service for over 4 weeks with no satisfaction. On hold for 45 minutes each time I call, my e-mails go unanswered plus, not one notice to me as my contract approached expiration. WHY NOT?? Now today I see that Dish has taken out of my checking account over $88 for the month of August when fee is usually $58. I demand Dish contact me because I smell a rat and am going to call corporate headquarters and voice my opinion to the higher ups. Very, very poor customer service and will leave Dish ASAP

Shirley M. Nuckles
Shirley M. Nuckles

“Dish Network Headquarters”

Shirley M. Nuckles
Shirley M. Nuckles

About a month ago we decided to try Direct TV; so I called to tell Dish that we were leaving. It took me about three days to finally get them to answer the phone, and I waited about two hours or longer. The man told me to mail back the parts of theirs; so my husband got it together, but
accidently thought the Direct Genie was one of their parts; so it was mailed with everything else. I have tried every two or three days to talk to Dish on the computer, and they keep telling me, they have not located it yet. Now they must know the part is not Dish, and it should have been put in a place where they keep items that they know aren’t theirs, and contact me to let me know they
have it, and will get it back to me. Everytime I call they say the warehouse has not let them know
what to do. This must be the most inefficient warehouse in the world to not be able to find this part, and get it to me. My husband made the mistake by mailing it into them , but he said he was looking at their instructions, and the part looked like what he sent into them. How can I get them to find the part for me, and get it back to me. I am beginning to wonder if they are even going to mail it back to us. We have the receipt where we mailed it to them. Can anyone tell me how I can get them to help me? Thank you, Shirley Nuckles


i have recently moved into another appartment. and was reffered by Tiffanie weaver to be dish, then i just heard that after 5 loyal years old told me to stub lol


this company is so unfair and does not value a customer at all. they denie what they say . well all I can say is ask the guy james the employee of dish he knows what he said and knows what he told me to do but no it did not happen. I sure anyone I am asking cooperate to play recording so they no am not lying. if they cant stand ny there word how good are they.


if dish wants to be a good buiness they need to get rid of the employess who give false statements and make u out to be a liar .. honest they even have hung up on me… i wonder why they wont listem to recording i ask that one to and then the one manaber did not wanted me to record them so i couldnt he did not want to be recorded so if you a honest person and buisness why not be recorded … well that shows me they dont want to be showed up for being untrue.