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FedEx Corporation is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee. The name “FedEx” is an abbreviation of the name of the company’s air division, Federal Express.

Fedex Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

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Fedex Office, Fedex Express, Fedex Ground, Fedex Freight, Fedex Custom Critical, Fedex Supply Chain, Fedex Trade Networks, Fedex Services
Corporate Address
FedEx Corporation
942 South Shady Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38120
Company Contact
Frederick W. Smith
Chairman and CEO
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Twitter IDs
@Fedex, @FedexHelp, @FedexOffice


What is Fedex’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Fedex’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-901-818-7500, or 1-901-369-3600.

What is Fedex’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Fedex’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-463-3339 (1-800-GoFedEx).


Other Fedex Customer Service Phone Numbers:

U.S. International Customer Service: 1-800-247-4747

U.S. TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf) Services: 1.800.238.4461

Hearing Impaired Relay Desk: 1.800.464.0709

U.S. Billing Inquiries: 1.800.622.1147.

Fax Number: 1.800.548.3020.

Cargo Claims Inquiries: 1.800.Go.FedEx (1.800.463.3339).

Fax Number: 1.877.229.4766.

U.S. FedEx Express Freight Services (shipments over 150 lbs.): 1.800.332.0807

International Fedex Customer Service Phone Numbers:

Toll-free Phone Numbers:

18003 3339 (Mexico)

800 733 339 (New Zealand)

1800 535 800 (Ireland)

8033 339 (South Africa)

800 988 1888 (China)

1800 209 6161 (India)

1203 200 (Japan)

+1 877 339 2774 (Canada, Tech Support)

+44 345 607 0809 (United Kingdom)

+44 247 670 6660 (United Kingdom)

+61 132 610 (Australia)

+55 112 169 7000 (Brazil)

+54 810 333 3339 (Argentina)

+43 800 123 800 (Austria)

+32 27 527 575 (Belgium)

+45 70 233 332 (Denmark)

+358 10 800 515 (Finland)

+33 140 855 660 (France)

+49 61 076 840 660 (Germany)

+39 199 151 119 (Italy)

+31 80222 333 (Netherlands)

+47 63 940 300 (Norway)

+351 707 244 144 (Portugal)

+7 495 788 8881 (Russia)

+34 915 209 060 (Spain)

+46 40 169 160 (Sweden)

+41 448 744 160 (Switzerland)

+90 444 9339 (Turkey)

+966 122 329 999 (Saudi Arabia)

+971 42 183 860 (UAE)

+852 27 303 333 (Hong Kong)

+65 67 432 626 (Singapore)

+82 23 338 000 (South Korea)

What is the Phone Number for Fedex Tracking?

The Fedex Tracking phone number is: 1-800-463-3339.

Fedex’s email address for Tracking is:

What is Fedex’s Headquarters Address?

Fedex’s Corporate Office Mail Address (Fedex Executive Office) is:

FedEx Corporation
942 South Shady Grove Road
Memphis, TN 38120

Fedex Customer Service Mail Address is:

FedEx Customer Relations
3875 Airways, Module H3 Department 4634
Memphis, TN 38116

Fedex Legal Department Address:

3610 Hacks Cross Road
Building A, First Floor
Memphis, TN 38125

Fedex Regional Corporate Offices:

Fedex Asia Pacific Region Office
22 Changi South Avenue 2
Fedex House
Singapore, 486064

Fedex Europe
Avenue Ariane 5
1200 Brussels, Belgium Europe

Fedex Americas and the Caribbean
3401 NW 67th Avenue, Bld. 805
Miami, FL 33122


How do I Contact Fedex Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Fedex via:

Fedex Live Chat: Live Chat

Fedex’s Customer Service Email Address is:, and

You can also use the Fedex Express Email Form to ask a question.

Fedex’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Fedex on Social Media:

Fedex on Twitter: @FedexHelp

Fedex on Facebook (Fedex is available on Messenger):

Fedex Headquarters Executive Team.

Fedex’s management team consists of:

Frederick W. Smith
Chairman and CEO

David J. Bronczek
President and COO

Alan B. Graf Jr.
Executive Vice President and CFO

Robert B. Carter
Executive Vice President, FedEx Information Services, and CIO

Mark Allen
Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Secretary

Donald F. Colleran
Executive Vice President, Chief Sales Officer

Rajesh Subramaniam
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

FedEx Express Leadership.

David L. Cunningham
President and CEO

Elise L. Jordan
Executive Vice President and CFO

Gregory F. Hall
Executive Vice President, Air Operations

Richard W. Smith
President and CEO, FedEx Trade Networks

Michael K. Pigors
Regional President and Executive Vice President, U.S. Domestic and U.S. International

FedEx Freight Leadership.

Michael L. Ducker
President and CEO

Virginia C. Addicott
President and CEO, FedEx Custom Critical

Claude F. Russ
Senior Vice President of Finance, Chief Financial Officer

FedEx Ground Leadership.

Henry J. Maier
President and CEO

Ward B. Strang
Executive Vice President and COO

Robert D. Henning
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Arthur F. Smuck III
President and CEO, FedEx Supply Chain

FedEx International Leadership.

James R. Muhs Sr.
President, Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, and Africa (MEISA), FedEx Express

David Binks
President, FedEx Express Europe, and CEO, TNT

Juan N. Cento
President, Latin America and Caribbean, FedEx Express

Lisa Lisson
President, FedEx Express Canada

Karen Reddington
President, Asia Pacific Division, FedEx Express

FedEx Services Leadership.

David J. Bronczek
Co-President and Co-CEO

Robert B. Carter
Co-President and Co-CEO

Brian Philips
President and CEO, FedEx Office

Fedex Board of Directors.

James L. Barksdale Chairman and President
Barksdale Management Corporation

John A. Edwardson Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
CDW Corporation

Marvin R. Ellison Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
J. C. Penney Company, Inc.

Susan Patricia (“Tricia”) Griffith President and Chief Executive Officer
The Progressive Corporation

John C. (“Chris”) Inglis Professor
U.S. Naval Academy

Kimberly A. Jabal Chief Financial Officer
Weebly, Inc.

Shirley Ann Jackson President
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

R. Brad Martin Chairman
RBM Venture Company

Joshua Cooper Ramo – Vice Chairman, Co-Chief Executive Officer
Kissinger Associates, Inc.

Susan C. Schwab Professor University of Maryland School of Public Policy

Frederick W. Smith – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer FedEx Corporation

David P. Steiner Former Chief Executive Officer Waste Management, Inc.

Paul S. Walsh – Chairman Compass Group PLC

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Cathy & Carl Bourg
Cathy & Carl Bourg

FedEx driver failed to stop at our house to deliver $2000+ (motor) package which required a signature. The driver went to our neighbors house instead, & they weren’t home. Tracking # said they tried to deliver (lie) & we were’t home. We were home waiting for this package all day long. I’ve been getting the run around with fedex. Always Getting transferred & no one resolves this issue. We will not be home Monday to receive new delivery. We needed this today! After, many, many calls talking to people who said they would connect us or call us back….they never called us back. Promises made, promises failed. Alexa represented your company horribly although she gave me another name. She snickered when I told her I’ll be calling corporate about their pathetic service. Clearly, employees (contractors) feel they can lie however they choose to do with ease knowing they can get away with it. The last person I talked to, maybe Charlie?, actually checked with your Beaumont tx freight & said we could go there to pick up the 120lb motor. So, thankfully, we made it there before it closed. I told him (Charlie?) about the girl that was flippant & unprofessional on the phone. And, He told me her name. This is the 2nd time we have had this problem with a delivery from FedEx freight. A few months ago, we ordered a years supply of air filters + uv light for our air filtration system. 3 large boxes ($600+) were delivered to my neighbors house just like today. It is amazing to me how 7050 PineTop RD, Port Arthur TX 77642 can be confused with 7060 PineTop Rd. Ours is a brick home with very wide (double car), very long cement driveway. The neighbors house is a small house on piers with small single car driveway. Our addresses are on the mailboxes by the street along with being on the houses. Still, your fedex driver can’t seem to read or follow addresses correctly. I called the company of this $2k motor & told them to please change their shipping to ups freight as they are wonderful. Fedex has poor channels to resolve these issues. Your people are totally incompetent except for the last man that helped us. Beaumont FedEx was polite when we went there to pick up the motor. Frustrating & uncalled for is that we were never allowed to have the phone number for Beaumont fedex where this package was. In researching fedex corporate, the complaints about fedex on the web are substantial with thousands of complaints with the BBB. These problems are totally uncalled for & having little to no avenues for resolution for customers. Given the magnitude of complaints, clearly you do not believe in holding your employees (contractors) accountable when they repeatedly are negligent as in our case. Next time we order anything from companies or stores, we will avoid fedex entirely & pass our experience along to others as much as possible. Perhaps our experience with your fedex freight might motivate you to actually find remedies to such problems & provide local phone numbers for customers to contact the facility where the merchandise is housed. But, at this point I have little to no faith in fedex. Should you want further information about our experience, my contact information is listed below.
Cathy & Carl Bourg
Port Arthur TX 77642

Gary Anderson
Gary Anderson

While in St. Emilion, France on 10/22/2018, I ordered a case of wine from Chateau Villemaurine. The total price, including shipping, from France came to 455.02 euros. The case arrived at the Memphis TN FedEx location at 4:21 am on Sunday 11/18. On Friday, 11/30 I was contacted by phone telling me that the shipment was to be sent back. I called FedEx at 800-463-3339 and after being transferred three times learned from Mary in the Trace Department that the shipment was damaged and disposed of. Despite registering to receive text messages about the shipment, I never received any notification until the cryptic phone message of 11/30. I find this to be very poor customer service and will be filing a claim for a full reimbursement. The tracking number of my wine shipment was 471966983367

Sam sunder Chopra
Sam sunder Chopra

I need to address Mr James Muhs Sr about a insensitive process of Fedex. please provide his or his office email. Thank you

sam sunder chopra
sam sunder chopra

No Human Contact or even email with fedex corporate office. surprise leaders are so scared taking feedback complaint suggesation from Customers.