Ford Motor Company Headquarters

Ford Motor Company Headquarters
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Corporate Address
1 American Rd.
Dearborn, MI
Company Contact
Alan Mulally
President CEO and Director
Phone Number
(313) 322-3000
Fax Number
(800) 392-3673
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Alan Carter 207-455-xxxx
Alan Carter 207-455-xxxx

I own a 2013 Ford CMAX … I have only owned it 3 months. Saturday, the wrench light came on, the check engine light and the over heated light. I had it hauled to the Griffeth Ford Garage in Caribou, ME. They tell me every wire harness and contact is corroded by water damage. The pump for the coolant has quit working. $2400.00 in damage. Tell me what would cause this much water damage in the electrical circuits…and why would it not be under Ford Warranty … there should be no reason water should get into these circuits if they were protected correctly. There has to be some cause … It does not make sense to say it came from the road … There has to be something wrong for the water to gain access to these wires. If Ford is going to push more Hybrids this is a problem that needs to be looked into. I was giving advice to people who asked me about the Hybrid..I told them all how much I loved the car. But if driving down the road in rain or snow allows water to get into all these circuits …there is a defilnite design flaw. OR the wires were not treated or protected properly…please contact me and let me know your opinion…I truly believe Ford should cover this under their warranty…it would be only right!!!