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Corporate Address
P.O. BOX 1043
Tolleson, AZ
Company Contact
Steve McKinney
Phone Number
(623) 936-2100
Yearly Revenue
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Monica Livingston
Monica Livingston


I shop at Fry’s, in Marana, AZ. Located at; 12100 Thornydale Rd, on a regular basis. My FRY’S VIP Shoppers Card #is:
4 62838 83398 2.
There were no red grapes – in the produce area, for 88 cents a lb. The cashier, named, Teresa, was rude. She did not smile, you could tell that she disliked her job. She did not ask””,” if I had anything, on the bottom of my cart. “She did not ask, “If I found everything alright.”
She did not give me my, Senior Discount, even though I told her,” I was one”. Her reply was, “ That it is automatically taken off, when I used my
VIP Fry’s tag.” My thought was, Terese needs to be – retrained!”
So I went over to Customer Service, which was: AMANDA. She is the very BEST,Customer Service employee, at that location. So Amanda gave me in CASH, $9.42.
Terese NEEDS to be taken off as a CASHIER as well as being, RE-TRAINED!
I have to say, cashier, WENDY, is the best Cashier, as well as ANNA, at this location.

You need to hire more BAGGERS, at this location, as well.

Best Regards,
Mrs. Monica T.Livingston
MARANA, AZ 85658-4535

Monica Livingston
Monica Livingston


I shop at Fry’s, in Marana, AZ. Located at; 12100 Thornydale Rd, on a regular basis. My FRY’S!

Rosemary Simington
Rosemary Simington

I am tired of being lied to and ignored by the managers at my local Frys (Yuma and Sarival Goodyear). I have complained several times about there never being any of my favorite Pepsi product on the shelves. I suddenly can not get Diet Pepsi Caffeine Free. I have shopped at Frys for over 50 years and feel I should be treated better and not lied to. The managers there say yeah, we’ll take care of it, but never do
What kind of customer servi e is this?


Rosemary, it is very frustrating to experience out of stock situations with our favorite products! Some of the items (like Pepsi, Coke, chips) in retail grocery chains are managed by the manufacturer’s, not the grocery store. In these cases, you might have better results contacting Pepsi Co. or Kroeger corporate(800) 576-4377 for a better explanation. It is possible they stopped stocking it due to low sales in your particular stores. The managers may have talked to their Pepsi vendors about getting it back in stock, but the store managers don’t necessarily have the ability to control the outcome.

Adrienne boyce
Adrienne boyce

Please consider opening a store in chino paulden area in az. Sick of lousy service at Safeway. They are horrible with their just for you crap. Checkers are kind. Managment doesn’t care. They realize they have a monopoly. You guys could make a great addition to our community.

Jessie James bain
Jessie James bain

3 days in a row walk into Fry’s on Florence Blvd, Casa Grande, Az, no carts at all in store and no one going out to get any.
Should put sign up when no carts (Go Shop Eleswhere)