GameStop Headquarters

GameStop Headquarters
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GameStop Corp. Headquarters Contacts.

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GameStop Corp. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
EB Games, Micromania
Corporate Address
625 Westport Pkwy.
Grapevine, TX
Company Contact
J. Paul Raines
Phone Number
(817) 424-2000
Fax Number
(817) 424-2002
Employee Count
Twitter IDs


What is GameStop’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

GameStop’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-817-424-2000.


What is GameStop’s Customer Service Phone Number?

GameStop’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-883-8895 or 877-676-4263.

Gamestop PowerUp Rewards customer support phone number is: 1-877-676-GAME.

How do I Contact GameStop Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or via Facebook Messenger or Twitter Support.

GameStop does not have a Live Chat support service.

You can email Gamestop PowerUp support on:

Email Gamestop Support via this Email Form.

GameStop’s Contact Us page can be found here.

Contact GameStop on Social Media:

GameStop on Twitter: @gamestop

GameStop on Facebook:

GameStop Headquarters Executive Team.

Gamestop Corp. Key Management Personnel.

  • Daniel A. DeMatteo – Co-Founder, Executive Chairman & Interim CEO
  • Robert A. Lloyd – Executive VP & CFO
  • Janet Bareis  – Senior Vice President of Collectibles
  • Jason Ellis  – Senior Vice President of Technology Brands
  • Bruce Kulp – Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Refurbishment
  • Cathy Preston – Publisher of Informermagazine
  • Marc Summey  – Senior Vice President of Real Estate & Development

GameStop Corp. Board of Directors.

  • Daniel DeMatteo  – Co-Founder, Executive Chairman & Interim CEO
  • Gerald Szczepanski
  • Jerome Davis
  • Lawrence Zilavy
  • Stephanie Shern
  • Steven Koonin
  • Shane Kim
  • Kathy Vrabeck
  • Thomas Kelly Jr.

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Gamestop is the worst place to pre-order on non-game related ever. I had buy and pre-order many things online from many different company or places and they are the worst. Take my words for it. They don’t honor what they advertised online. I put a claim for pre-order issue and they rejected it saying it was invalid without letting me know. No calls, no email. I had to call and ask for it myself! Gamestop don’t care about their customers and that just plain aweful. You would think a big company as Gamestop would do or help their customers then you will have to think twice. They have ZERO interest in you except your MONEY! If anybody plan to do pre-order on things that are not games, then go somewhere else. Gamestop is the worst place to do pre-order for non-game items. It’s a shame, they got a lot to offers but have no care for their customers and terrible terrible terrible customers services. Stay away from GS. Will be hitting up Walmart, Target, Walgreen, Bestbuy, hell, even Amazon and ebay, I am done doing business with GS and you should too.

Ruth Phelan
Ruth Phelan

I would like to talk to ceo j paul raines over my purchase and the small print on the website.


Dean leffew elite pro member
  Account number  38870xxxxxxxx
I have been a loyal GameStop customer since 2002 17 long years I would appreciate being treated like a valued elite pro long-term member..

My problem is I made 39 entries in the sweepstakes for the razor game room setup & this is why we never hear about people winning the sweepstakes cuz gamstop is ripping people off their entries in the form of rigging the entries & breaking the law I used all my PowerUp Rewards points for the sweepstakes & all my entries went through fine except I made two 2,000 Point entry it should have gave me 15 entries per 2,000 points spend and it only gave me 1 entry, over the past 8 days I have emailed you guys multiple times and have gotten no response besides a computer-generated greeting, until recently and it’s been two days and I still have heard nothing I have called GameStop customer service just to wait 30 minutes then get put on hold indefinitely to which I had to call back just to get no help because of no offense corporate bull crap!!! so I did a little research and it turns out there are laws for doing a sweepstake on your GameStop main page for the Razer sweepstakes it says and I quote* no purchase necessary to enter or win in the Game Stop PowerUp Rewards Razer gaming room sweepstakes* then you contradict yourself in the upper right hand corner of the page saying and I quote
*To Enter Purchase any Razer product or digital PC game in-store or online
or Use your PowerUp Rewards points to enter for a chance to win!
So I asked you how do I get the same number of entries without making a purchase???, cuz you charged me to enter the sweepstakes when you asked me to use my PowerUp Rewards points I earned those points and considering that they’re not good for much anymore cuz you guys did a way with physical merchandise sweepstakes are the only thing I can use them towards anyways I digress
When you read sweepstakes rules, you’ll see these terms come up regularly: “no purchase necessary” or “no purchase necessary to enter or win”. This seems strange when the goal of any giveaway is to increase business for the company that’s sponsoring it. Wouldn’t it be more effective for companies to only give away prizes to people who buy their products?
Making a purchase to enter a giveaway is also known as “consideration.” What does consideration mean? In sweepstakes terms, consideration is simply exchanging something of value for a prize, or for a chance of winning a prize. In the United States, sweepstakes that award prizes by chance cannot require any consideration or they will be in violation of the law..
No Purchase Necessary Meaning & The Law. If your company is running a contest or sweepstakes, you can’t ask entrants to purchase something as a means of entry. And if your company isn’t a non-profit, you cannot run a raffle. unless you’re the government, it’s illegal to run a lottery.

Let me tell you what I’ve gotten for being a long-time loyal GameStop customer I’ve gotten screwed I’ve entered I can’t count how many sweepstakes and won nothing every time I email you guys or call you with concerns or advice it’s a headache & hassle you guys are so caught up in self-interest and greed that you don’t see what you’re doing to your customers when Gamestop first came out I would recommend that place to anyone and now I feel like it’s became something unrecognizable it’s not the store I fell in love with anymore, as much as I’ve had to go through to try and fix your guyses error with the sweepstakes so I can get a fair shot at it, I feel after all of that I deserve to win that sweepstakes, but knowing the way the world is someone’s going to get it that don’t need it, instead of someone that deserves it like me..I don’t know much about the law but I was thinking about contact my family lawyer to see if I have some kind of case here I feel hurt and betrayed by a company I’ve grown to love. Instead I have a whole bunch of screenshots proof evidence that GameStop is rigging their sweepstakes I have screenshots of my email I’ve sent GameStop I have voice recorded conversations with GameStop customer service how to fix the Sweepstake error and getting no assistance in the process then come to find out there’s all these laws for having sweepstakes here in the United States…. I just wish GameStop would do more hearing and listening to their customers instead of lining their pockets and self greed and personal interest…

Cindy Zweber
Cindy Zweber

I was suppose to get the beta code for xbox one. i ordered it 16 days ago and it said it would email it to me in 1-3 days So WHERE IS THE BETA CODE FOR X-BOX ONE
Fallout 76 Tricentennial Edition 1 $79.99
Date Ordered Aug 16, 2018, 6:44 PM

Carmen Santiago
Carmen Santiago

Since 10/21/2018 i placed an order of 2 games and have yet to receive thwm. I keep getting emails that the order was cancelled. Ive spoken to several of your employees and their supervisors and they all have told me the same thing that i will get my order the next day but yet it gets cancelled. I need to have this problem resolved the games are for my grandson which were supposed to be a birthday gift for him. His birthday was monday 10/22/2018 and he still doesnt have his gift due to your companies inconvenience. Please help me out. The person i spoke to was Mary her employee i.d. C104755 and her supervisor Lee didnt want to provide her i.d number

Leslie Cochran
Leslie Cochran

My son purchased a game two years ago that was released this week. He kept the receipt for two years and when we went in to pick up the game the Webster TX store said they couldn’t find the transaction and then said we canceled the purchase . That didn’t happen. We have been shopping at this Game Stop for years so imagine our surprise when the clerks did not honor the original receipt we brought in. We will never go in that store again and will definitely tell everyone about the deceptive practices this store uses. We had the receipt , kept it for two years, had it in hand and they still did not honor it. How can you deny the paper receipt. I would like someone to explain this practice to me. Not to mention we are out $65 when all we wanted is the game we purchased. I am beyond disgusted with this store. I would really like someone to explain how this is good business.

Stuart Weiss
Stuart Weiss

I am having a nightmare with your customer service department providing proof of purchase or sales receipt so my son can file for a warranty claim on a Ferrari Driving Wheel that was purchased at your store. I am on my 4th call with your customer service and now totaling in excess of 3 hours. They say they sent it but it is not received and not in spam or junk filters. THIS IS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. Please send it to and You find records of all this under my e-mail address. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… JUST DO IT!!!


I’ve been dealing with the issue of a used Xbox 1 I purchased at your Cumberland Mall location in Atlanta Ga. I purchased a 1 year warranty and tried to return the Xbox the next day because it didn’t work and they refused to swap the system or give me a refund. I called the corporate office 5 times and was told that a district manager would contact me within 3 days and it has been 3 months with no call or help with this issue.

Lakewood Ranch Boulevard
Lakewood Ranch Boulevard

When will I see it

Tierra Moore
Tierra Moore

I am leaving a complaint because I went to put a Nintendo switch in layaway and thinking I was going to get a good deal for what was advertised for the
Black Friday sale of $199.99. Upon filling out paperwork I was informed that the final total would be over $300. I was crushed and disappointed because the guy informed me that information was leaked and prices where changed I informed him that was the only reason why I came because your price was better than everywhere else. As a consumer I was wanting to know what can be done to honor the price that was seen and acknowledged by store associate too before this leak. Thanks in advance for your help in this matter.


I don’t appreciate the way your manager here in Sebring is tryin to run things he is rude as hell I tried callin to talk to somebody but it doesn’t go through

Greg McKee
Greg McKee

what is going on with you customer service number….its been busy for a couple of days…and when you do the call back you are put on hold for an hour or more never talking to anyone…last 2 days!! i just have a few questions on my order!!! is this how you treat customers? i understand its the busiest time of the year but no reason for this…..209-768-3976 BS


The Gamestop company is terrible I will never buy anything from u again. I paid $50 for ncaa football 14, waited forever to ge tit shipped and I get it and it doesn’t work

Indya Sayles
Indya Sayles

Good Evening,

I hope this finds you well. On Monday November, 26 2018 I ordered the PS4 PlayStation Spider-Man bundle online on your website for $199.00. I also paid $9.99 for 1 to 4 day shipping and purchased the 2-year insurance plan for $19.99. This brought my total to $250.38. The console was supposed to be shipped in 1 to 4 days. Today makes five days and now my order has never been shipped and I’ve been told my order is now cancelled?? And on the fifth day!!! My money was held and I received an email confirmation and confirmation #5181126051864617 upon purchase. I’ve been trying to call customer service since yesterday and haven’t been able to speak to ANYONE! Your automated system says that if you received an email confirmation then your order will be shipped shortly. Nowhere does it say it will be cancelled. WHY WAS MY ORDER CANCELLED???? THIS IS VERY UNACCEPTABLE AND HIGHLY UNPROFESSIONAL. I understand it’s the holiday season and you guys may be swamped but you guys owe me a PS4 Spider-Man bundle for $199. I wouldn’t be so bent out of shape but I already told my child that it would be here for his Birthday. I am a single mother and this is the one thing my son wanted for his Birthday/ Christmas. His birthday is in 2days and the PS4 is back at full price and I refuse to pay any more than I already have. I’m usually not one to complain but I really hope you all understand how unacceptable this is. I hope that I don’t have to escalate this issue any further than this complaint. I am owed a PS4 for the price I paid for it originally. Thank you for your time. PLEASE FIX THIS!!

Susie Simpson
Susie Simpson

I recently visited our local Gamestop on Cyber Monday looking for a Playstation 4 VR Skyrim Bundle. The store was out of them but the Oxford MS store had some. The clerk called the Oxford store and they were going to ship one out to our store. I have been contacting local store constantly and when someone does actually answer, I’m told they are still going through boxes. I called again yesterday and when finally able to speak to someone, they checked and said Oxford still had in stock and was going to call and see why they haven’t shipped it out yet. Clerk did return my call only to tell me that no one was answering the phone and she would call me this morning with an update. I still have not heard anything from anyone. I tried to pay for the item while there to guarantee the sale price when arrived and was told that she did not foresee the price increasing. Looking online now, the price increased $100. I am now looking at ordering from another company if this can not be resolved ASAP as I need this item before Christmas.


I have spent more hours trying to resolve my GameStop issues than I paid for the product I preordered and never received. Customer service is horrendous after calling four times, waiting for a representative for over an hour and two times being disconnected. Still no video game waiting for a refund and after hours of my own time wasted, I am left with nothing but a complete understanding of how this company has not operationalized service or taken on a vision and mission to service the customer. I wouldn’t doubt that no one responds to this because some real feedback is not something anyone is taking seriously based on the countless awful reviews. Hoping for some follow up, we shall see.

Gina Rice
Gina Rice

I need this to go to the CEO… my nephew was born at 20wks !!! And LIVED !! He is 24 now and is a big gamer. He is slow but, one hell of an athlete, as he has won 27 Gold medals in Special Olympics. He has saved his money for months for the PlayStation 4 pro Kingdom hearts bundle. The day it was released he was online and got confused and it sold out !!! We have a very disappointed young man that his mom is avoiding a scam on eBay and paying close to 1k !!!! Is there anything you can do to make this possible for him to get one HE SO DESERVES THIS AND IS WILLING TO PAY WHAT HE HAS SAVED!!! PLEASE HELP

Larissa r demanche
Larissa r demanche

I’ve been waiting three weeks for the xbox one x I ordered November 26th. It said it was shipped November 30th however I have yet to receive the item I paid 429 for the bundle package. This is a Christmas present and yet it’s not here. I’ve already contacted customer service and they said there was nothing to do about it. I asked for a refund and said I couldn’t get one because they dont know where the package is. They said they would send me a new one that was Monday and never received an email about the xbox being resent or any information. Not sure what I’m supposed to be doing and now the one gift I thought I was ordering ahead of time isnt gonna be here.

Gabby Escandon
Gabby Escandon

Please let me know if its protocol for your GameStop shops to close out their doors to people and have them wait out in lines because they cannot manage the register lines . This is the first time i have encountered this and im bothered. Please advise if this is one of your protocols . Store i am complaining about is the Weslaco Texas branch

Rita Volker
Rita Volker

Two weeks ago I went into the Game Stop store on Highway 35 in Hazlet NJ. I frequently go to that store because the store Associates/manager are very accommodating and helpful. I puchased a Nintendo Switch for my son as a gift and three games. The service was excellent, the one Associate took me to where the NS games were and helped me pick out the ones that my son would enjoy.
I cannot say enough about the service I received. Everytime I go in there everyone goes the extra mile for me. I am a Mom that has no clue about video games. And also disabled. Usually I bring in my list of games ( for Christmas gifts ) and they are always helpful.

April Hensler
April Hensler

I am LIVID! I need someone to call me back asap. 502-598-xxxx


Very disappointed tried to get a game and funko held and store refused when I arrived at store they wouldn’t sell me new item wanted to sell open item and the funko pop that you have in Stock they refuse to sell because they can’t find in system when your system online said only two stores had it I would like to purchase my red nose raindeer fortnite or I want a rain check or something

Felix Lagares
Felix Lagares

The GameStop In Succasunna New Jersey is a complete rip off. My husband and I have fallen on hard times we called to sell our PlayStation 4 we were told that they would give us $160. When we arrived the woman said she would charge us $50 for dust. Are you kidding me? They would just clean it and resell it for close to $200 They woman offered us $60 for an almost brand new PlayStation. I have been a customer of GameStop for years. Sad to say I will not return. Streaming will get all my money!