Google Inc. Headquarters

Google Inc. Headquarters
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Google Inc. Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the Google Inc. Headquarters.

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Google Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA
Company Contact
Larry Page
CEO and Director
Phone Number
(650) 253-0000
Fax Number
(650) 253-0001
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

Where is the Headquarters of Google?

The Googleplex (Google Headquarters) is at this address:


1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy,

Mountain View, CA 94043


The original corporate office complex is the Google’s second largest corporate site, with 2,000,000 square feet (190.000 m2) of office space. The largest Google building is the 2,900,000-square-foot (270,000 m2) 111 Eighth Avenue building in New York.

What is the Phone Number for Google Headquarters?

The phone number for the Google Corporate office is: (650) 253-0000


What is Google Customer Service Phone Number?

Google’s customer support phone numbers are:

United States: +1 855-836-3987
United Kingdom: +44 (0)20-7031-3000
India: +91-80-67218000
Mexico: +52 55-5342-8400
Canada: +1 514-670-8700
Germany: +49 30 303986300
Russia: +7-495-644-1400

Google on social Media.

Google on Twitter: @Google

Google on Facebook:

Google’s Executive Team.

Key Executives at Google LLC

Sundar Pichai Chief Executive Officer
Sergey Brin Co-Founder, Director and President of Alphabet
Lawrence Edward Page Co-Founder, Director and Chief Executive Officer of Alphabet
Eric E. Schmidt Executive Chairman
Ruth Myrna Porat CFO & Senior VP

Google LLC Board Members

Eric E. Schmidt TomorrowVentures, LLC
Sundar Pichai Google LLC
Lawrence Edward Page Alphabet Inc.
Sergey Brin Alphabet Inc.
Diane B. Greene Google LLC

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My name is Manuel Hernandez and I owned Medi-Stop in Bakersfield Ca. 93304.
I have a problem with my google site, the business name is blurred on the picture of the building that I am in. How can this be corrected? and how did this happen?

Joyce wheeler
Joyce wheeler

I was scammed using $800 worth of google play cards. It took me 15 hours to get a live body on a telephone call. When I finally got a fraud investigator, I was instructed to go to Google in Ann Arbor MI. The receptionist was the rudest individual I have met in a very long time! Your company is the hardest organization in the world to work with and I have worked with various forms of governmental my life. I am handicapped. I don’t do computers. Please call me you can get my number online from what I understand. I live in milan mi. I am filing complaints everywhere I can

tammer p jensen
tammer p jensen

have you got an answer yet i am 64 don”t play google games when they took this money out of my account still waiting for refund

tammer p jensen
tammer p jensen

i don’t know how many people will see this but you really need to look at your bank statement to see how often you are being charged by google without you tell them its ok but i did check my bank account and found out google had taken out over $600.00 dollars from my account now they claim they cant find my bills and that it was a family member that took money to buy games from google not true i ask for a refund to no avil its been over two months now


tammer p jensen
tammer p jensen

google your company cant be trusted

Canis Latrans
Canis Latrans

This is a heads up on a gmail user. It amazes me that in this age of technology scammers are so bold. I had one that tried to get me to buy her a new phone. Being cautious I had waited until she had sent me several photos (12 total I believe). The concept being that I wanted more of selection to verify with via google’s image search if her photos were stolen. Sure enough several of her photos were indeed stolen and were of a well known webcam model. She goes by the name of Jannah Jones in Google Hangouts she later confessed that her real name (sic) is Jannah Armiyau her google email address is jannahjones111 Her phone number is 619-378-xxxx. I suspected early on that she was going to try to scam. All the signs were there ………….she rushed to get me on google hangouts, I recognized that she had a US phone number yet said she lived in Ghana, her English was different than that of a US gal, she was living with her mother yet called her mum, as well several other minor things that in themselves wouldn’t trigger alarm bells but when added with the rest of the differences would paint a clear picture.

ronald kowalsky
ronald kowalsky

i had to go to the bank,because,with all the depaartments,a rep who found my gmail account had stated they had 575.75 and it was to go under tthe google ads,whichi did not want my public charity listed in the irs,wich i only do fund raising so i pay no taxes and make no monetary value. i did not mind listing my gmail,but that is not the business [the business is seniorsofohinc,so someone made an honest error,so needs to be correcte the 500 taken out is ok if i needed to advertise but the utbe is more valuable only because i am a sultant f

TROY Trentsch 44 Woodman St#3 Lynn Mass 01905
TROY Trentsch 44 Woodman St#3 Lynn Mass 01905

I need help please call me at 781 -598-xxxx house phone number I can explain better than I can text I am Slow At the technology stuff

edwin lockley
edwin lockley

A charge was put on credit card I didn’t make plus when one of your numbers ,they said I had to buy google play card of 50.00 and so now I put that plus 42.40 charge to my credit card.


Pop-up on my screen- ‘we want to thank you for loyalty to Google and therefore offer you unique opportunity to obtain a phone X today. Click Ok to claim prize.’ No other option on screen- killed screen now- Is this legit? shows on screen


That is definately a SCAM!