Lowes Headquarters

Lowes Headquarters
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Lowe’s Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the Lowe’s Home Improvement Headquarters.

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Lowe’s Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1000 Lowe’s Blvd.
Mooresville, NC
Company Contact
Robert A. Niblock
Phone Number
(704) 758-1000
Fax Number
(336) 658-4766
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

What is Lowes’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Lowes’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-704-758-1000.


What is Lowes’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Lowe’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-445-6937 or 1-800-890-5932.

Lowe’s Product and Sales customer service phone number is: 1-877-GO-LOWES.


The Lowe’s Credit Card phone numbers are:

Lowe’s Consumer Accounts: 1-800-444-1408

Lowe’s Commercial Business Revolving Accounts: 1-800-444-1408

Lowe’s Commercial Accounts Receivable Accounts: 1-866-232-7443


How do I Contact Lowe’s Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Lowes via:

Lowes Email Address is customercare@lowes.com (Customer Service).

Lowes’ Contact Us page can be found here.

Lowe’s Mail Address for customer correspondence is:

Lowe’s Customer Care
P.O. Box 1111
North Wilkesboro, NC 28656


Contact Lowe’s on Social Media:

Lowe’s on Twitter: @lowescares

Lowe’s on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lowes

Lowes Headquarters Executive Team.

Lowes’ management team consists of:

Robert A. Niblock
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer

Marshall A. Croom
Chief Financial Officer

Richard D. Maltsbarger
Chief Operating Officer

Ross W. (Bill) McCanless
Chief Legal Officer and Secretary

Michael P. McDermott
Chief Customer Officer

N. Brian Peace
Corporate Administration Executive

Paul D. Ramsay
Chief Information Officer

Jennifer L. Weber
Chief Human Resources Officer

J. Todd Bleckley
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager, Building and Maintenance

James A. Brandt
Managing Director, Lowe’s India

José Luis Pier Castelló
President and Managing Director, Lowe’s Mexico

Troy J. Dally
Senior Vice President and General Merchandising Manager, Seasonal and Services

Clinton T. (Clint) Davis
Senior Vice President & General Merchandising Manager, Home Décor

William W. (Bill) Edwards
Senior Vice President of Store Operations, North Division and Facilities/Loss Prevention

Reginald B. Henderson
Senior Vice President, Talent Management

Matthew V. Hollifield
Senior Vice President and Chief Accounting Officer

Lara L. Lee
President, Orchard Supply Hardware

Tiffany L. Mason
Senior Vice President, Corporate Finance and Treasurer

Kevin S. Measel
Senior Vice President, Services

Sylvain Prud’homme
President, International and President & CEO, Lowe’s Canada

Scott R. Ross
Senior Vice President, Omni-channel Technology

Stacey B. Ryan
Senior Vice President of Store Operations, South Division and Associate/Leader Readiness

Jeff H. Sain
Senior Vice President of Store Operations, West Division & Retail Sales/Service Operations

Vikram Singh
Senior Vice President, Chief Digital Officer

Michael A. Tummillo
Senior Vice President, Pro Sales

Jeff R. Vining
Senior Vice President, Chief Compliance Officer and Associate General Counsel

Mike West
Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Field Operations

Jocelyn Wong
Chief Marketing Officer

Lowe’s Board of Directors.

Raul Alvarez
Operating Partner
Advent International Corporation, Boston, MA

David H. Batchelder
Co-Founder and Former Principal
Relational Investors LLC, San Diego, CA

Angela F. Braly
Former Chair, President, and Chief Executive Officer
WellPoint, Inc., Indianapolis, IN

Sandra B. Cochran
President and Chief Executive Officer
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc., Lebanon, TN

Laurie Z. Douglas
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer and Chief Security Officer
Publix Super Markets, Inc., Lakeland, FL

Richard W. Dreiling
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Dollar General Corporation, Goodlettsville, TN

Robert L. Johnson
Founder and Chairman
The RLJ Companies, Bethesda, MD

Marshall O. Larsen
Lead Director
Retired Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer
Goodrich Corporation, Charlotte, NC

James H. Morgan
Covenant Capital LLC, Nashville, TN

Robert A. Niblock
Chairman of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer
Lowe’s Companies, Inc., Mooresville, NC

Bertram L. Scott
Senior Vice President of Population Health and Value Based Care
Novant Health, Charlotte, NC

Lisa W. Wardell
President and Chief Executive Officer
Adtalem Global Education, Inc., Chicago, IL

Eric C. Wiseman
Retired Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
V.F. Corporation, Greensboro, NC

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Kerry Cave
Kerry Cave

I want to you let someone at your office now how we were treated at your La Plata, Maryland store while purchasing a drier. We went to that location on May 28, 2018 to purchase a drier. We were helped by one sales person and he claimed he couldn’t find the drier in stock, another salesman comes by and says he will double check since that was his section. He came back and stated there were two in stock so we went ahead and set up delivery. The delivery was schedule for Sunday June 3, 2018 and we went to the cashier and paid over $600 for this drier and accessories needed. On June 2, 2, 2018 we got a call with delivery time of between 2 – 4 on Sunday June 3, 2018. Sunday at around 10 am we got a call from the store stating they had no driers in stock and they would call us when some came in to reschedule delivery. When my husband asked how they had none but when we purchased it they did, the woman on the other end got upset and said I don’t know but this is all we can do. He then asked more questions and the person hung up on him. We went to the store to ask for a refund since we need a drier and the people at the customer service desk was very shocked and helpful. They treated us very nice and had no issues with returning our money. Now we are out a drier and having to find ways to dry our clothes until we get a new drier. To me this was very unexceptable to treat customers this way. Not sure if they really had any driers and were trying to make a sale or they did and they were setup for other people deliveries and they were hoping to get more in before our delivery date. I was actually shocked at how far out the delivery was since your California, Maryland store does deliveries within 2 days if they have it in stock. Another reason I believe they really didn’t have any available. I would hope this isn’t how your company treats customers and hopes to keep them. Due to how we were treated we will now be taking our business to Home Depot since Lowes seems to think it is ok to take peoples money and not provide the goods. You might want to get better training to this store on how to treat customers and to be truthful about the products they have in stock.

Mr. Washington
Mr. Washington

LOWES has very poor customer relations and consumer care. I am an attorney and can not reschedule Court cases. Deliveries are done by a 3rd party to which Lowes employees and Managers claim to have no control over. Who hires a company and has NO input. I tried to reschedule a delivery to the end of the day versus the morning hours. Voiced my concern to the company and Lowes; the very instant I received the call for next day delivery. Both Lowes and the company advised they could not guarantee a reschedule or a time. Received a call this morning that the delivery would be to my home in 30 minutes. Of course no one is home. The manager of Lowes in Missouri City Texas showed no concern in my request to cancel my order due to Lowes rigid delivery tactics. Decided to take my business where customers are appreciated.

Thurman R Willis Jr
Thurman R Willis Jr

I’m a males chauvinist pig, according to one of your associate.
I was at the Lowes here in Everett, when this clerk at the register noticed I had cotton in my ears. I told her I was playing my drums earlier and forgot they were in there. I told her some times when people see them I like to joke around and say, I tell some people this is the way I get along in my marriage is by having cotton in my ear agreeing to everything my wife says to me. You know being a yes man to my wife trying to not upset her and giving her want she wants, no matter what it is.
Your associate told me, I am a man chauvinist pig and to get the f out of here. I laugh as I walked out of your store not wanting to cause a scene, but I was pissed off at what she had said and calling me that This happened at store#149 here in Everett, WA. at18:26: on 06/04/2018 Terminal#44

Sylvia Pabreza
Sylvia Pabreza

I bought appliances for my parents at the West Windsor, NJ Lowe’s on 4/22/18. There have been three failed attempts at delivering the correct products and massive communication errors. I am working with one of the Service Managers, Melissa, at present to resolve the issue but it seems like whoever is in charge doesn’t have a CLUE about supply chain and communication with customers.

Pam Thompson
Pam Thompson

I was at Lowe,s in Ashland Ky, I was in lawn a gardening, My Heart started Beating really Fast, broke out in sweats, thought I was going to Pass OUT! So, I left biggie and was Trying to get back to truck, I stop at one of THIER water hoses trying to get cooled down! That didn’t help, so I proceeded to truck, when I realized I wasn’t going to make it, a Store EMPLOYEE walk my me, I said, sir could you HELP ME to my Truck, HE said NOT MY DEPT, and just kept walking! Found out His name is JACOB, So I hadda lay down 2 times before I made it to my truck! When my friend got to truck I told her what happened, she told the manager ,He said he couldn’t do NOTHING! His name was Roger! Come to find out the punk that blew me off, was a 1st responder! Go figure! I’m still trying to reach CEO, to report this SENCE they would NOT take one at store! Think it’s really sad, when they see a Customer in. Distress, they tell you NOT THIER DEPT!

Dolores B HARVEY
Dolores B HARVEY

I was in the Lowes’ Store at 4401 Rangeline Road, Mobile, Alabama and I needed help purchasing a Dust to Dawn Led Outdoor Light. Please note that I am a Widow 79 years of age and really, really needed help). They paged for help in the Lighting section and someone came and said the LED Lighting was limimited. He then said I am on my way to Lunch. So I said go ahead to Lunch. I shopped around and went back to the lighting section and up come your employee Robere. He did everything he could to explain and searched for the one I wanted we could not read the item number he took a a picture of it and enlarged it to try to read it. He discovered it was not in stock. He continued to research and found just what I needed and explained it all to me in such a caring manner. Each time I was about to give up he said no we will work this out and he did. I left the store happy and the light installed just as he said. Robere was in a wheel chair and it was not even a thought until I got out the store and said I got more help out of a employee in a wheel Chair. Thank God your company has hired him. He is a great employee. Hire more handicaped.

Tamara Baker
Tamara Baker

We purchased a freezer from Lowes a few weeks ago. We received a call on yesterday with our delivery window which was today June 9 from 8:30- 10:30 am. A representative from the delivery warehouse named Rhonda called this morning at 9:42 to inform me that they don’t even have the product. She never apologized and had a very nasty attitude. She said she was giving us a delivery date for June 17!!!!. I said wait, you’re giving me a delivery date for over a week away? She said “no, I’m giving you a delivery date for a week away”, we don’t have the freezer.Well, the last time I checked, I’m the one that have been inconvenienced. We had taken all of our food out of the freezer and put it in koolers. Old freezer in my back yard, and the rep never apologized!!!!!
So I called the central office and an angel named Nicole was on the other end of the line. She was wonderful and very compassionate about my situation.She also put me in touch with a manager at the delivery warehouse, his name is Chris. He was very apologetic also. So, after spending over 30.000 at Lowe’s in a year, they can’t keep one promise. It’s time to part ways.

Norma Watts
Norma Watts

I would like to voice a concern about the outside lawn and garden in South Boston,Va. In years past it was organized and clean. There were helpful associates that knew the products sold. One particular associate was Bill who always met you with a smile and willing to help. I noticed last year a decline in the willingness to help from some of the newer employees but this year it is disgraceful. I understand that the older employees are no longer with Lowes and the new dept manager doesnt like outside lawn and garden.When you go to the Farmville or Danville stores you have a different experience. I suggest you hire people who want to work instead of hanging out with the cashier instead of loading customers or having a bad attitude and cursing while customers are shopping. Thanks for your time.

Pamela e Smallwood
Pamela e Smallwood

Purchased custom entry and storm doors for my home on March 28, 20018. Over A month later, at the time the doors were to be installed got a phone call from lowes stating the doors were measured wrong (by lowes) and had to be reordered. Several months later, June called lowes and was told the door were sitting in the warehouse on the premises. No one from lowes bothered to call and say anything about the doors being reinstalled. I called everyone possible, store mgr., dept. mgr., customer service line, CPO line (installers phone #) and told numerous answers as to what’s going on with my doors. On June 6, 2018, latest information concerning doors, ” the doors were measured wrong again.” and had to be reordered. No return call from the Store manager, Lowe’s in East York, Pa. Forgot to mention the doors are paid for!!!


I spent over $3. 000.00 on a stove, refrigerator and a stove’s vent on November 13, 2017. When I went to pick up the vent for the stove (they kept on canceling the order) at the store, the sales clerk (the same sales clerk I brought these items from) didn’t wait to wait on me, and told me in a bad manner you need to go up to the front counter. Secondly, I had to call for their repair services for the stove and the refrigerator, once for the stove and three times for the refrigerator in less than six months. Yes, I had to get repairs on a brand new Samsung refrigerator, and Lowes (Glen Burnie, Maryland) act like they didn’t care.

I then spoke to the manager of the store, at which time; I advised him that I was going to call Lowes Corporate Office about their poor customer service. He then advised me, that the only thing corporate is going to do is to send the complaint back down to their store.

Now after all of this frustration a couple of months later, I go down to the Lowes store (Glen Burnie, Maryland) just to get a simple water filter for the Samsung refrigerator (over $ 2, 000.00) that I been catching hell with, and I waited over 40 minutes because no one was available in the appliances department and the assistant manager didn’t care either. When does this poor services stop or better question , when does the corporate office take a stand?

Joseph Mayes
Joseph Mayes

Your Veterans Military Discount Policy: I was in your Corpus Christi Lowe’s 8.1.2018 to purchase a kitchen sink faucet. Got to the check out counter and asked for a military discount and they told me I had to give my telephone number to recieve the discount. I refused to give my number and paid the full price without the discount. I thought about all the times I bought products at lowe’s before and all I had to do was show my military ID to recieve the discount and to my surprise the way you are treating veterans.(WOW) what a way to treat our veterans!! Sir just like many others I protest your policy towards veterans and choose to buy the items I need at other stores that only ask veterans to show their military ID to recieve this discount. To be clear , I use to buy the products I needed from you, but now I will get these products from someone else.


I purchased a washer on June 2, 2018 and was promised a delivery date June 9, 2018 and was told they would deliver it between 1-5 pm. That Saturday the delivery date I slept in until 9:00am and got up and noticed I had a couple calls nd a voice mail, the first call was at 7:24am, and the voice mail left was that I would have to change my delivery date because they were in the area and was going to deliver my washer, so I called them and told them my delivery time was between 1-5 pm and he said they don’t set the time I do because I make the deliveries. I went to the Lowe’s store and talked with person in the appliance area who sold me the washer nd he said e don’t set delivery times nd I asked him was I told it would be delivered between 1-5 omnidirectional he said we don’t give you a delivery time and I told him you’re full of shit so I asked for the store manager nd he said there isn’t anything he could do so I did great give me my money back and I ent to sears and bought the same washer and it was delivered that same day. Never going to by anything from Lowe’s again, Home Depot is right across the street so they .will be getting my business from now on


Seems like delivery is an issue that Lowe’s needs to work on. 2 weeks have gone by since delivery was set up using their online system. Saturday I cancelled all my plans so that it could show up. Today Sunday they called and said that they couldn’t deliver because they were 2 hours away… now I have to figure out how to do laundry at a laundromat again and I have to take off work..: so not acceptable.

L J Patterson
L J Patterson

Location 907 in Davenport, Iowa needs an overhaul of people. Starting at Management and going on down the ladder. I ordered online for store pick up a few pieces of lumber and a tool. When I got to the store to retrieve my order, the service person laid my boards out on the counter and said “There you go”. No cart, no asking if I needed assistance, nothing. When I said the boards are warped, he said” they come to us that way”. When I got home I called the store and asked for the store manager. When the woman picked up she said “This is Pat”. I asked if she was the store manager and again she said “This is Pat” I asked again and she said she was one of the store managers. She seemed like she was in a rush. When I told he my experience, she still seemed in a rush. My store has been creeping downhill for some time. Store needs to wipe the board clean and start back with people who want to do the job, instead of people who just want a check. I’m taking my business to Menards and Home Depot where I feel appreciated as a customer and am treated like a valued customer.

D Saldana
D Saldana

Bottom line…” LOWE’S DOESN’T CARE!!!” We went there with a Home Depot directly across the highway because for some stupid reason we thought we would get better service. OMG!!! We were completely WRONG!.. My wife and I were treated like we were wasting their time. So we went across the street to Home Depot and YES!!! Thank You Very Much HOME DEPOT… They took the time to help us with all our needs and treated us like Human Beings… Don’t waste your time going to Lowe’s. I’m sure there are people that have had similar experiences with both stores, so I guess you can decide for yourselves but in Roseburg Oregon for my wife and I it’s a no brainer… F.U. LOWE’S…. THANK YOU HOME DEPOT!!!!

Pamela e Smallwood
Pamela e Smallwood

Storm and Entry Door update from 6/13/2018.
6/20 @ 4:10 pm Lowes rep. Deiadra, (CPO) left a msg at 16:10 on my hm # stating something about credit.
6/21 @ 10 am returned call to Lowes, 877-505-4923 and spoke with Rep. who was very indignant. First she stated nothing shows on my file that any one called me. Second she blamed the Manufacturer for my doors not being installed by now. (Order placed March 28th) Third she told me Lowes wasn’t responsible for my door problems when I informed her I had spoken to every one possible concerning the doors and every time I was given a different answer as to what the reason was behind the doors not being installed. Unbelievable. We are near the end of the month in June and I’m still waiting to have the doors installed. On June 15th the East York , PA Manager, Jamie stated he would get back to me about the doors, Still waiting on the call.
I will never purchase another item from Lowes again!!! Shame on you Lowes. You lost a very good customer!!!!!

Leonard Wilmeth
Leonard Wilmeth

I’ve requested Jason from the Columbus GA store contact me concerning my purchase/install and follow up. He has NOT made any attempt to contact me. I’ve tried talking to a regional manager or district manager only to be told Loews does not have either. My first call I spent 20 minutes waiting to talk to someone and was disconnected. My next call I spent over an hour on your corporate number going from one person to the next telling them what I wanted. I spoke to at least 5 people. Dealing with Loews is a train wreck. You’re business model does not value customers. I will be opening an issue with the Better Business Bureau this week seeing as I haven’t received a call from Jason. I went to the store, he was off that night. I was assured he would get my message and contact me. It hasn’t happened. I don’t understand why poor customer service isn’t addressed at the corporate level. The reason is becoming evident. Loews core values are nonexistent.

Pamela e Smallwood
Pamela e Smallwood

Storm and Entry Door Update.
Last update: 6/21/2018
Today 6/22/18 @ 12:24 Called East York, PA Lowes for an update on my doors. Spoke with Doors and Window Rep. Was told again for the THIRD time my doors were measured wrong and it will be another 3 weeks before they will be installed. The new date for installment is around July 20, 2018.
Order for doors were placed on March 28, 2018!!!! Next step is York, PA Local News Paper!!!!!!

P Murray
P Murray

I went to Lowe’s in Conroe, TX twice yesterday to purchase mulch. They were unable to sell it as there was not staff access the supply! Management problems????

Joseph Barnes
Joseph Barnes

I ordered a fire pit online it came in three days but half the parts were missing. I’ve called Lowes customer care four times in three weeks I still have no parts. I am very unhappy with Lowes I will never shop there again.This is past pitiful.

Dominic Pezzulo
Dominic Pezzulo

bought a brand new troy bilt riding mower. sales man didn’t even want to haggle he just said guy bought it and brought it back same day and said it was too small for his yard.. so I bought it and a trailer spent over 1700. well after cutting my grass and I kept sliding I decided to look under seat and thought only one screw held it together till I took the seat off after I fell off after I recently had shoulder surgery and son just passed away thank god I didn’t let my younger son use it. I could of lost him so what do I do. return it and get an upgrade or return it and they can lose my 1000 a month I spend there for my asphalt business. or I return it sue and go to home depot because documentation says all inspected and all parts there and I know when you got shit in writing it screws the seller. I lost my son and had surgery and got screwed on a lawn mower ,im not happy. if they don’t mind getting fired I will easily pull them to parking lot and beat their ass. you chose the job so treat people with respect and believe in karma cuz it comes around .

Roderick Wilson
Roderick Wilson

I had a terrible experience with an asst. manager at your store in Dallas on Northwest Hwy,I couldn’t find a particular item so as she was walking by talking on her phone I asked if she could help me and she yelled at me can”t you see I”m on the phone. So I asked to speak to the Store Manager and she said she was,but as I was walking away an associate said that she was not the Store Manger and they will tell you that because the Store Mgr. is also female so no one would know who you were talking about and they will laugh it off or throw it under the rug and no one would be the wiser. They also gave me her name Colleen Birmingham and claimed that she had the other mangers there fooled.

Anne jones
Anne jones

On May 25th, I called the 800-445-6937 (Lowes) to order a pool light. The woman checked to see if any of the local stores had it in stock, no one in my area did. She ( the Lowes customer service girl) ordered it, I paid with CC and was told that I would receive it in 2 weeks. It’s now July 10, 2018 and no light. They said it was already delivered to my house. I asked to see the shipping and delivery label. After 3 attempts that someone would get back to me. The vender was not making these for years. Check your CC statements when dealing with this company. I try to stay out of that store because no one there seems to have any knowledge on how to deal with the public. Store should be named Lowest.

Deborah Miller
Deborah Miller

Well I have to say that the Lowes in Beech Grove Indiana is about the poorest customer service i have ever encountered I ordered custom blinds and paid for them in cash not on credit or layaway or installments….cold hard earned cash it was a chunk of change for all the windows in my home….that was the first week in april…we are now in July…and the job is still not completed….after several attempts to get the right parts….and many calls to the store…where no one wants to take responsibility…..the installer even went to the store and called them after every failed parts attempt….lets see they brag about being Veteran Friendly….hey and they even give a discount to veterans…welllll this veteran family will never purchase anything from that store again…promises made none ever kept….this is not my first rodeo with them and poor customer service i purchased an extended warranty on my front load washer and dryer…it took 4 months to get the washer from leaking after damage to my wall which they say contact Samsung about….REALLYYYYY….incredible how they stay in business

David Sisk
David Sisk

I would like to voice my opinion about a problem I had with the Lowes store in Hammond, La. I purchased a washer from the store on July 10, 2018. The dept. worker was kind and courteous and very helpful in getting me what I wanted in a washing machine. With that being said it all went down hell form there. The washing machine was not in stock so the clerk told me it would be Saturday before it could be delivered. I accepted that for what it was. On Friday , July 15 I received a call from the person which handles deliveries stating that they would be out on Saturday and would call me prior to making my stop. He did not ask me to call and confirm if I would be there but, we had talked about that when I purchased it and said that I would be there. Well Saturday came and went and no delivery. I assumed that someone would call and let me know that I would not be getting my delivery. Unfortunately that did not happen. I wanted until Monday thinking that they would call to say they were coming out today to deliver. They did not so I called them. After doing the hokie pokie on the phone with auto dialers sending me to different connections and no one answering the phone I continued to call until on the 8th try I got to speak to a person. That person told me that I did not call on Saturday to confirm my delivery so they did not come. Hog wash! it was already confirmed when I purchased it. When I asked to have it delivery today , Monday they informed me they could not and it would be the next day before they could drop it off. With That I optioned to pick it up myself. I have be going to this Store since it opened in 2001 I believe and have seen the decline in service, product inventory and it has disappointed me to know end. I believe if someone tells you they are going to do something and you have given them your money and years of patronage they should follow through. I went to the store and it was like half of the workers were on weekend recovery. Not all because some were as helpful as I could except. Come on LOWES let get with it and help your customers.

Mark Hodges
Mark Hodges

I went to Lowe’s store #1579 to buy a refrigerator, washer, dryer, and dishwasher. When I asked about delivery they said they couldn’t deliver the appliances since no delivery folks were available. So I went to a different Lowe’s (store #2480) and asked the same questions. They said they could deliver within a week and so I purchased all four appliances (well over $3,500.00). After the install
about two days later, my wife told me the dishwasher did not have a heating element and so we went to store#1579 and wanted them to de-install that dishwasher which we never used and bought another dishwasher (different brand) to deliver and install.
Well the delivery and install/de-install took place about a week later but then Lowe’s was supposed to refund my money on the original dishwasher however, I got the story that until the delivery guy brings it to the store they cannot refund it. So I went back to store #1579 about 10 times now trying to get this taken care of and this has been going on for over a month now and still no refund. Every time I’ve gone there to speak to a Manager it seems there are never any Managers there.
And by the way, delivery was not free as you advertise on TV. Truth in advertising is a law.
I want my refund!

Monica Carter
Monica Carter

On July 19th I went to my local Lowes Store, 1685, to get help with my account. (I was told to see the Store Manager by Syncphony Bank) so I asked for the Store Manager and was told it was his day off. I then was directed to speak with Steve, some kind of Service Manager. I asked him if we could sit down because I had some questions, so we did. While I was explaining my situation regarding a washer that I bought and returned and another one that I bought which was cheaper, I showed him a return that had been made and I didn’t know what i was for. He took down my name and and the return amount and went to a register to pull it up. He told me that it was the return of a washer. I told him that I spent $763.60 on the first washer and actually paid that one off (so I thought) and then I purchased a washer for $635.00. He then seemed to get irritated with me and told me that Annie at the register could take care of all of this and I should talk with her. He got up and went to the customer service desk and spoke with Annie. He seemed to cop an attitude which I didn’t appreciate since he could see that it was apparent that I was in distress about this. He really didn’t seem like he wanted to take time to even speak with me but when I insisted that we sit down he went along with it. This all took place this morning, July 19th at around 8:15 a.m. He needs to have some “attitude” training. If I would have had that kind of attitude when I owned my business, I wouldn’t have had any business at all.

Karen & Don Evans
Karen & Don Evans

On Saturday, July 28th, we went to Lowe’s on MacArthur Rd. Whitehall, PA. Although it’s been 48 hours we are still seething over the service we did/DID NOT receive. We went to purchase a refrigerator only to find out there wasn’t a sales clerk in the appliance department. Several times we approached the unmanned service desk in the appliance department. After 45 minutes of waiting we went to customer service. Shortly thereafter a very nice gentleman from the plumbing department made an attempt to help us. He admitted he knew nothing about refrigerators so back to customer service we go. We asked to speak to the manager or assistant manager which was nowhere to be found, so, back to the customer service desk for a 3rd time.
This is no way reflective on the very nice young lady from customer service that left her register to help us complete the sale. On a Saturday morning, when your store is probably at it’s busiest, you had a totally unmanned appliance department. After 1 1/2 hours we completed our purchase which could have been done immediately upon arrival since we knew which refrigerator we wanted… OUTRAGEOUS!!! For clarification we were given a 10% discount due to this unfortunate incident. However, this does not fix the store’s service. You run the risk that a future recurrence could end our patronage.

Frustrated customers,
Karen & Don Evans

Lois Foster
Lois Foster

Purchased a patio door, in store , and in stock. It has been more than a month, can’t seem to get this door installed, by the Lowes installers. They have poor, and unreliable help they contract out for their installations. This is the second time around, for the Washington, Missouri Lowes store.
We will have to purchase from another store, can’t depend on them.

Pamela e Smallwood
Pamela e Smallwood

Update from 1 month ago.
July 30,2018 @ 9:30 am, Lowes was to install both doors ordered today. However everything was confirmed by corporate all product was correct and the install was to take place. Lowes rep. Cody arrived at my residence and stated the door was wrong and again has to be reordered. The wait will be another 3-4 weeks. WHAT IS GOING ON!!!! I WANT BBB TO help me with getting this job complete. I am exhausted on options for help. Please do not close this complaint till job is completed. Also I haven’t heard anything from corporate. March 28th doors were ordered. This is the fourth time doors were reordered.

Jose A. Morales
Jose A. Morales

I purchased a over the stove microwave oven on July 30th, 2018. I was told I had to pay a $35 fee for a installer to do onsite inspection to ensure the job could be done. According to the sales associate I should receive a call from the installer within 48 hrs. They supposedly check their work orders daily. That didn’t happen until I called back 96 hrs later asking when will I hear from the installer, they made additional calls and contacted installer. We agreed to a date to meet up at home late afternoon after work. He finally shows up, we chatted socially, then I popped the question did you not know about this install? He went on to give an obscure explanation and thought he was here to inspect work area for a in wall oven unit. (Did he really check his work orders?) Not even close. His bumbling explanation tells me he didn’t and he was there as a reaction from the store. The oven was not in at the time, and I explained it was due August 20, 2018 instead I got an email stating the oven arrived at the store on August 18, 2018. I called days later to the associate who sold the unit and I asked when was the installer coming to bring and install unit. He had no idea what was going on, then said “Oh, you have to pay for installation before he does the work and the initial $35 would be credited to the final bill”. Now I am thinking ok,I could have then the full amount like I am about to do to get this installer to do his job. Again he tells me the installer will be calling me in a couple days. NEVER HAPPENED! I called days later and they are shocked the unit has not yet been installed by then. I was August 27th, 2018. I call again, and again the store contacts the installer who later calls to arrange a day and time. The installer wanted to do it on a Thursday, August 30th , I opted for Wednesday the 29th, we had been more than patient enough. He said He will try, it may be late, but will try, if not, he would call to arrange Thursday or Friday. He never called back. I went out of town for Labor day weekend, and on the way back I called to inquire on the installation. Again the store scrambled to reach installer. He did not call me instead, kept associate on another line to relay if it was ok to install on Tuesday, September 04, 2018, again late but after 6pm. It is now 7:40pm no call, no installation. I will be cancelling the sale of the unit, and getting refund from Lowes and taking business to Home Depot. I read in another complaint that mgrs like to throw out liberally the excuse they don’t control the installers or schedule. That is a cop out. Lowes seeks, vets, and hire local installers, and are bound by Lowes terms. Why in the hell would they guarantee their installations? Based on my experience with this LOWES, and this is not the first time they screwed things up on installation, Is that they hire incompetent employees, and supporting contractors. Now to be fair they have some good ones there, I have met them. But overall LOWES is in a sad state of affairs, and lack REAL LEADERSHIP. I will hesitantly will be taking my future business to LOWES COMPETITORS for the foreseeable future. Let see how long LOWES takes notice of this complaint. I don’t really expect any response or change. There is a reason why LOWES is lagging behind Home Depot and why they are were in the news recently about store closings, and trimming inventory to keep their heads above water. Lowes is about to go through what Home Depot had to overcome a few years ago to remain relevant in the industry. HIRING COMPETENT PEOPLE IS CRITICAL!!!!

Jose A. Morales
Jose A. Morales

I forgot to mention the store:
Store #: 1783
ORDER: 354356899

Peggy Smith
Peggy Smith

I had a toilet installed that was too large to open one of the doors into the bathroom on August 3rd. After I called them 4 times (August 9th, 20th, 29th and September 14th), I finally received 2 calls..one (September 17th for yet another apology and another today (September 18th) saying maybe by the end of October I COULD have my issue resolved. Poor customer service!!