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Alexis Owens
Alexis Owens

Have been an avid Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack shopper for years now and have spent thousands of dollars between the two. I made a purchase at Nordstrom Rack on 12/30/18, the next day after getting home and going through my bag I noticed that one of the items was not there. I check my receipt to ensure that I was charged for it, and I was. I contacted the store to advise and the representative said that they would call me back. The Customer Service Manager called me back to say that after looking into things the items were put in the bag and she saw the sales associate do so. I advised that I am not sure of the order of the items being put in the bag, but that I just unloaded my bag and it was not there. She continued to express that the item was put in the bag. I asked her if this was something that they recorded on camera or if this is what she saw? She said it was what she saw. I am appalled and insulted all at the same time, because of what she was implying, that I would have an item and report as not having it. Secondly, this is not the way to resolve a customer issue based on what you think you personally saw. I have had a few issues with Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack over the last 3-6 months, so I think it is time that I retired myself from them as a customer. Aside from that, I will be taking this issue to a higher level.