Olive Garden Headquarters

Olive Garden Headquarters
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Olive Garden Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office contacts for Olive Garden Restaurants, including phone numbers, mail address and Executive Team.

Olive Garden is owned by Darden Restaurants, Inc, which also owns the chains Eddie V’s Prime Seafood, The Capital Grille, LongHorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, Yard House and Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen.

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McDonald’s Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
Darden Restaurants, Inc
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32837
Company Contact
Gene Lee
CEO Darden Restaurants
Phone Number
(407) 245-4000
Fax Number
(407) 245-6807
Employee Count
Twitter IDs

Darden Restaurants, Inc Corporate Office Address.

Darden Restaurants, Inc
1000 Darden Center Drive
Orlando, Florida 32837

Darden Restaurants, Inc Mailing Address.

PO Box 695011
Orlando, FL 32869-5011

Olive Garden Headquarters Phone Number.

Olive Garden’s Corporate Office phone number: (407) 245-4000
Olive Garden’s Corporate Office Fax Number: (407) 245-6807
Website: http://www.olivegarden.com

Olive Garden Customer Service Contacts.

Olive Garden Toll Free 1-880 Number: 1-877 500 9706
Olive Garden  Gift Cards: +1-800 248 4935 (Gift Cards – USA)
Olive Garden Gift Cards: +1-888 888 3341 (Gift Cards – Canada)
Olive Garden  Customer Service phone number: +1-844 645 6925
Olive Garden Guest relations: +1 800 331 2729

Olive Garden Customer Email Address/Form: Olive Garden Email Form


Olive Garden Executive Team

Gene Lee
President & Chief Executive Officer of Darden Restaurants

Dave George
Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Dan Kiernan
President, Olive Garden

Rick Cardenas
Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Chris Chang
Senior Vice President, Chief Information Officer

Susan Connelly
Senior Vice President, Communications and Corporate Affairs

Michael Beacham
Senior Vice President, Franchising — President, International Operations

Matt Broad
Senior Vice President, General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

Todd Burrowes
President, LongHorn Steakhouse

Brian Foye
President, Seasons 52

Ian Baines
President, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen

Sarah King
Senior Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Michael Kneidinger
President, Yard House

John Madonna
Senior Vice President, Corporate Controller

John Martin
President, The Capital Grille and Eddie V’s

Doug Milanes
Senior Vice President, Chief Supply Chain Officer

Rich Renninger
Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer

Bill White
Senior Vice President, Treasurer

John Wilkerson
President, Bahama Breeze

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Alexander imirie
Alexander imirie

The food was so bad it was over cook I sent it back through a manager and he bought the new food out and it was over cook and burned the salad was flooded with dressing. Wow Olive Garden has really gone down hill. If I was rating this company on food quality I would give it a zero

Naja wilson
Naja wilson

I like your steaks

Ava Stevens
Ava Stevens

While parking to dine at the Olive Garden on Walmart Way in Worcester, Mass. I noticed that employees from Olive Garden were carrying in milk, broccoli heavy cream and other groceries into the back of the building (assuming the kitchen). We decided to go to the bar and stick to the apps that we hoped weren’t purchased at Walmart as I could’ve gone to wLlmsrt myself instead of paying 5x at Olive Garden. What I saw made me pay close attention to how this place was being run. I do this often to every resturaunt I go to. The entrees that people ordered looked awful, I suppose the cooks can only make due with what they have. However, the supervisors were aful to their employees, nothing disgusts me more than a supervisor treating employees like dirt. If my husband wasn’t with me I would have confronted them myself. This place needs a total rehab I don’t know what happened in the last 2 months but I won’t be back. It’s disgraceful when a kitchen is run so poorly and the employees try so hard to make due with poor leadership decisions. Obviously the fresh ingredients are missing if he’s sending employees to wall mart? What if one got hit by a car or slipped and fell coming or going to Walmart??? I don’t know any last names but Chris is one of the supers and Edger is the other that I heard them call themselves. They are ruining your reputation. A HUGE difference between worcester s three ring circus and your Framingham and Enfield professional locations. I won’t go back to Worcester, those are not bosses or leaders they are BULLIES!! Good luck I hope they don’t shut this location down.

Kimberly Wade
Kimberly Wade

MRS WADE 207xxxxxxxx

JULIE Harmon
JULIE Harmon

spent 75 $ waited too long for food asked for Alfredo dipping sauce and they acted like we asked for fold.charged us 5 $ for a little spoonful. food got cold.staff and manager not accommodating or nice . never again.

Joe Smith
Joe Smith

Immoral Employee
Can someone from the corporate office post a email address? I have a complaint against an employee at the Lake City location. This employee had created a potentially dangerous situation and possible opening Olive Garden to a liable incident.

Maurice Crook
Maurice Crook

Your restaurant in Eastpointe Michigan gave me the worst service that I have ever had in any restaurant. It was on Memorial Day Monday maybe 10 tables were taken in the whole restaurant. And service was at a snail’s pace at best. Took 15 minutes to get our drink order which only half the order came to the table. Then after another 15 to 20 minutes while still waiting for a drink order our food order for appetizers and such was not taken. At this point I went looking for a manager. At that point I did not like the attitude that I got from your employees which I was still, at that time. The end result was I gathered my party went to another restaurant walked in to aim extremely busy restaurant got seated immediately drink order was taken delivered immediately appetizer order taken delivered immediately and our food order was taken. This Steakhouse was extremely busy and extremely satisfying. As for me I will never patronize and Olive Garden restaurant again and everybody I get into contact with will know about my experience at Olive Garden

Albert J Pantaleo
Albert J Pantaleo

Albert Pantaleo
8xxx Alwardt
Sterling Heights, Michigan, 48313

To Olive Garden Italian restaurant, my name is Al Pantaleo 6/15/2018 Friday my family of 4 all went to our usual place Olive Garden, we go there about 3 times a month, we know the waitress and like her. we are seated and we all order the same thing soup and salad we love it…lol all was very good. and the price is fair, but we had a Gift card for $25.00 .. I receive Gift cards all the time and ask for Olive Gardens ones, and then we wanted to split the bill in half. Our bill came to $59.07 a fair price, we also had a 15% off Couponed, we did not know how to do this with the Kiosk the company has and our waitress did not know eater so she went and got the manger to help, a young man came over and said ( WHATS THE PROBLEM ) he was about 25 years old and was annoyed, we told him we had a Gift Card and we are looking to split the bill and use 15 % off Coupon, he looked at the Coupon and said it’s not his and we are NOT going to honor it ( PAY YOUR BILL AND LEAVE ) enclosed are copies of the Coupons we got angry with him and he then said ( WE MADE THE Coupon UP ) on some kind of computer…. I was pissed at that point. This was the only time we have ever had any kind of a problem, I paid my bill and left. (( we were all very embarrassed )) by this person his name is Stan he was the manger 6/15/2018 at 19:43 my ticket, Donna S was very good and embarrassed for us she said. As a customer of your company I never was embarrassed like this before, You / your company should know how some of your consumers were treated. I own a business with 5 people and want to know how my clients are being treated this is why is sending this to you. Please help retrain this person or remove him.

Thank you for your time / Here are the Coupons he claims we made.
Albert Pantaleo

kacy graham
kacy graham

I had a wonderdul experience with my wife, Raeven. The food was great; fully cooked and warm. Served in a timely manner and the server was absolutely amazing and astoundingly attentive but not abbrasive hah. Diana made us feel at home and helped my wife and I make the decision to come back every other week and absoultely look forward to the experience. THANK YOU DIANA M! Check #61341
TID: 7344761
Server: Diana Morales

P.s. PLEASE contact me to give this wonderful server what she needs to recieve the recognition she deserves!!

Tony Sledge
Tony Sledge

I eat at Olive Garden at 925 Alta Mere in Fort Worth, Tex. 4 to 5 times a month. I also dine at a Subway that is located behind Olive Garden. I was in Subway several days ago when the manager from Olive Garden came in very upset that several of his employees were told not to park in front of Subway. Your manager was very rude and told Subway employees he told them to park there. He said his employees needed a place to park and there was plenty of spots in front of their restaurant. What is wrong with parking in their own parking lot? His attitude was anything but professional. His aggressive manner will keep me from dining at Olive Garden again. Every restaurant needs parking spaces. Subway has six, and your manager thinks he is entitled to all of them. Really bad management.

Sheila Upchurch
Sheila Upchurch

This is definitely NOT a complaint! I just want to share how Alison Suits took what could have been a disaster birthday celebration and made it very pleasant. This occurred at your Florence, Alabama location on July 16th. I had called on two occasions to confirm our reservations for a birthday party on July 16th. Apparently the date was written on calendar for July 18th. I was very disturbed that the staff was not prepared for us but within 10 minutes we were seated and service began immediately. It was a most pleasant night with excellent service. Alison was most professional with her accommodations and apologies. We certainly look forward to enjoying more meals at this restaurant. Food was delicious.

Linda Rogers
Linda Rogers

Bristol VA. Our party went for buy one, get one. I understand that that the get one is pre-made and cannot be substituted, but being diabetic, I asked for whole wheat pasta for my in restaurant one. I was told they couldn’t do that. (They always had in the past) I asked to speak to the manager thinking the server didn’t understand. He was horrible! He told me if I needed gluten free, he could substitute that, but not whole wheat. I said “Let me get this straight, you can accommodate for one disease, but not for another?” He lectured me like a two year old. Everyone (except me) had wanted dessert before we went in, but we left after our entree because our mood had been destroyed. They even overcharged me, but I paid rather than argue a second time. Most restaurants will accommodate if your request is reasonable. The food wasn’t even good. Everyone in our party said they were finished with Olive Garden!

Petra castorena
Petra castorena

I ate a one of you resturants at2272s1300theast salt lake city

Petra castorena
Petra castorena

I ate at one of your resturants I had sever allergy recaction 1306 2272s1300th east salt lake city

Mel Allen
Mel Allen

While eating at Olive Garden in Newport News, VA, last evening. The service was extremely slow, like one item at a time-bowl of salad, then bowl of soup and finally breadsticks. No salt or pepper, had to get up and remove shakers from the bar. We took our buy one take one with us, and paid for unlimited soup and salad. We were seated in the bar area and observed the manager gather approximately 7 or 8 employees to the bar (all at the same time) and watched them all partake in a orange slushee type substance, out of individual condiment-type plastic containers. I might add our waiter had made the statement he just graduated high school. We were there for 2 hours: had two bowls of soup, two bowls of salad and 2 – 3 piece servings of breadsticks. Our previous visit we were showered with the cheese being grated, to the point of having to stand and brush it from our laps, as the waiter continued to grate more. All without a complaint. But, to consider the possibility that management may be providing alcohol to minors is something you really should be concerned about.

Ben Romero
Ben Romero

I have a picture of a marinated fly in my wife salad.