Popeyes Headquarters

Popeyes Headquarters
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Popeyes Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc Headquarters.

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Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. (formerly Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits) operates 2600 restaurants in 30 countries worldwide. Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc. is owned by Restaurant Brands International, which also owns the Tim Hortons and Burger King chains.

Popeyes Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Popeyes Chicken & Biscuits
Corporate Address
400 Perimeter Center Terrace #1000,
Atlanta, GA 30346,
Company Contact
Daniel S. Schwartz
CEO of Restaurant Brands International
Phone Number
Fax Number
Employee Count


What is Popeyes’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Popeyes’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-404-459-4450.


What is Popeyes’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Popeyes’s Customer Support phone number is: 1 877-767-3937 (1-877-POPEYES).

What is Popeyes’s Headquarters Address?

Popeyes’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Popeyes’s Louisiana Kitchen Headquarters
  • 400 Perimeter Center Terrace #1000, Atlanta, GA 30346,
  • USA

However, Popeyes is in the process of moving their corporate office to Miami, Florida, possible at the Restaurant Brands International USA office at:

    • Restaurant Brands International US Service
    • 5505 Blue Lagoon Dr,
    • Miami, FL 33126
    • Phone Number: 1-305-378-7200

Restaurant Brands International’s Corporate Office Mail Address is:

  • Restaurant Brands International
  • 226 Wyecroft Road
  • Oakville, ON L6K 3X7


How do I Contact Popeyes Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Popeyes via:

Popeyes’s Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Popeyes’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Popeyes on Social Media:

Popeyes on Twitter: @popeyeschicken

Popeyes on Facebook: www.facebook.com/PopeyesLouisianaKitchen

Popeyes Headquarters Executive Team.

Popeyes is owned by Restaurant Brands International.

Popeyes’ and Restaurant Brands International’s management team consists of:

Alexandre de Jesus Santoro
President of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.

Jacqueline Friesner
Chief Accounting Officer of Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.

Andrew G. Skehan
President of International (Popeyes).

Daniel S. Schwartz
Chief Executive Officer of Restaurant International Brands.

Matthew Dunnigan
Chief Financial Officer

Jill M. Granat
General Counsel

Patrick McGrade
Chief Corporate Affairs Officer

Popeyes and Restaurant Brands International Board of Directors.

Alexandre Behring
Executive Chairman

Marc Caira
Vice Chairman

Martin Ellis Franklin

Paul J. Fribourg

Neil Golden

Ali G. Hedayat

Golnar Khosrowshahi

Roberto Moses Thomps Motta

João M. Castro-Neves

Daniel S. Schwartz

Carlos Alberto da Veiga Sicupira

Alexandre Van Damme

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Daniel Racine
Daniel Racine

Good morning, I would like to share my dining experience that I had last night at Popeyes ( 273 Yonge street Toronto Ontario, Canada).

I arrived at around 7:15 pm to find the store slammed with business (which is a great thing , I’m glad to see that it is thriving). I’ve been to this location a few times as it is in close proximity of my residence and my experience has always been very positive.

Last night was a little different, after waiting in line for about five minutes to place my order (which is not a long time when busy, i get it) I ordered an eight piece dinner, mild. 2 breasts, 3 thighs, 3 drums , butterfly shrimps with cocktail dipping sauce, large fries with a side of gravy, mashed potatoes and a large bottle of soda. Paid the $40. some odd dollars and was told it would be a couple of minutes, no problem.

After waiting 15 minutes I questioned the cashier, whom I assumed was the manger why my order was taking so long. I was then informed that the mild chicken breast was going to take several more minutes to which i asked why wasn’t I informed of this earlier, no reply. I then told the server to just give me 2 spicy breasts as someone could eat them. Now its going on over 20 minutes and my order finally arrives. I thanks them and let them know I understand that it is not their fault that it is soooo busy but that they really must communicate this with the customer.

I get my order home, NO gravy, NO dipping sauce for the shrimp AND, ALL the chicken is spicy, so my little one and wife dont eat.

I called the location to express my dissatisfaction and was told that there is no policy in place to reimburse or even satisfy the customer in some way for such an unfortunate experience (unless they get delivery. I dont understand that one). I was told that next time i come in I will get “something free”. Somehow I feel the the franchise/franchisee has dropped the ball. First not enough staff ( perhaps blaming on minimum wage hike here in Ontario?), no customer recovery procedures.

There is a lot of competition in the QSR chicken business here in this city specially with the Asian market growing so rapidly and KFC holding a big portion that I dont think that Popeys can afford to be operating so unprofessionally.

I hope that this letter helps (at least with this location) to perhaps better the customer experience.

Best Regards
Daniel Racine

(416) 893-xxxx

Carol Aragon
Carol Aragon

I went to Popeyes at 5301 Auburn Blvd on June 1st. I purchased over 30.00 worth of food. Let me make clear first. I actually had to have my chore worker go and I gave her the money. I am in a wheelchair and unable to get out of the house. There was no problem getting the food. When she arrived back though we were missing 4 pies. Then we went to just eat the dinner and discovered the chicken was hard…so hard all the pieces could have been used for hockey pucks. I pulled back the skin on some and some parts were blackish and real dark on white meat. The skin had a strange feel, like the pieces had been re dipped in grease because we asked for hot chicken. When I tried the skin only it was so greasy it made me sick. I called the store and a Blanca offered me 4 pies to make up for all this! I asked for a manager, she said they did not have one. This was on the 1st of June. I called complained on that date. I heard nothing 2weeks later. I emailed Popeyes on Twitter. I was told the same thing, that someone would contact me just be patient. 2 weeks go by. no reply. I go to face book. they tell me just be patient. Now its been 2 months since I first spoke to the Popeyes complaint line. How long does it take to hear from anyone? I would think 2 months is way long enough to hear from someone? All I have ever wanted was a replacement of the food since we could not eat it. I even saved it to bring back if that’s what someone wanted until it started to stink. I saved the receipt until the ink wore off it. My chore worker was coming from somewhere else when she stopped there on her way to me. The place is not close by so she could not just drive back there on a chance they would do something. I am very frustrated. I am almost 63yrs old and I have never in all my years of public dealing have such horrible service!! Again all we ever wanted was the food replaced. and 2 months is way above the time it should take and I still have not heard a thing. All I have ever gotten were promises of someone contacting me to resolve this. I have NEVER heard from anyone. I’m very saddened to find out Popeyes evidently does not care about their customers.

David Evans
David Evans

Popeyes is advertising Cajun Fry Turkey on national TV. I am trying to purchase the Cajun Fry Turkey in the Montgomery, Alabama area and it not being sold. This is false advertising.


why do you make it so hard to contact you ,Is it so you don’t have to listen to us? Do you ever do anything about any complaints you receive?


Thank you inadvance…
M. Candy Berg/ 7 KEYS COPACKING 386.624.xxxx

LD Briscoe
LD Briscoe

1760 Eastchase Pkwy, Fort Worth, TX 76120. Did not honor their sale for 9 pieces for 10.00 I took a picture of the poster in the window that states the sale. The manager refused to speak with me and the cashiers refused to give me their names. Please hire other employees a mix of other races at this location. The entire staff is of Mexicans who only give good customer service to their own kind. I will be uploading the encounter so that certain people will know what kind of service to expect.

Natan alfie ambe
Natan alfie ambe


Jackie smith
Jackie smith

I went in the Covington ga store and was treated very poorly by the manager Erica Riley she was so rude and when I got my food she threw it on the counter very dissatisfied

Amanda greene
Amanda greene

It’s an employee in the Covington ga store by the name crystal hill she is very rude cussed at my daughter the other day cause the kept getting her order wrong they don’t know how to treat they customers at all and the store is always filthy

April Callaway
April Callaway

The Popeyes that I went to on the 8th of February was horrible and slow it is located on Anvil Block and it looks new. What a shame it operates this way.
I pulled into the drive thru at 9:13pm only one person was inside and they walked out about 3-4 minutes into my wait. Needless to say I didn’t pull off with my order until 9:47pm that is ridiculous. I’ve been a manager at Popeyes in New Orleans on Chef Menteur Hwy and we were an extremely high volume store. This was horrible. My order wasn’t even taken until about 4 minutes sitting at the speaker. I witnessed three cars pull off and a forth one sped around and went inside in a huff. And I saw chicken in a mound once I reached the window in front where I could see behind the counter. One guys was wearing an apron and getting the rest of his ice out of his cup. When I was asked, “order when you’re ready” finally you could hear all this conversation in the back ground of the employees. I just wonder what kind of manager was there. Or was there one on duty??? I won’t go back and I told the nice girl at the drive thru window this. And this was the 2nd chance that I gave this restaurant.

Queenesta Dixon

Just had chicken wing n biscuit Popeyes’s clay st 3:30-3:45 & part of a back tooth bottom broke off eating the chicken, I’m not happy with it; I will call the company office, will have my tooth examined. Q.Dixon. Phone 510-219-6547