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Publix Passport
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Publix Passport Login.

Publix Passport is the employee website for Publix associates, used for viewing work schedules, past payslips, employee benefits and new job offerings within the Publix corporation.

Publix Passport was previously known as Publix Oasis, but that name has been phased out in favor of Publix Passport.

How do I Log in to Publix Passport?

Go to the homapge, and locate “Log In” at the left hand side of the screen.

Click on “Log In” and the sign in page will appear.

publix passport
Click on the “Log In” link on the left side.

Alternatively go directly to the login page at

To sign in, you will need to enter your Publix Passport Username and password.

Your Publix Passport Username is similar to the number you punch into the clock everytime you clock in. just Use a P instead of the first 0.

If you don’t know your username, then ask your manager.

publix passport login
Enter your login credentials. Remember that passwords can be case-sensitive.


Check your Work Schedule and Pay at Publix PASSport.

Publix passport
Once you are logged into Publix Passport, you can view your work schedule, your payslips, your benefits and change your personal information.

Employees can ask for time off for one-time occasions in the Publix Passport portal. But permanent schedule changes must be done by completing the “Associate Availability Change Request Form” in the employee breakroom and then submit that to your manager.


Im Getting “Access denied” when logging into Publix Passport.

Publix Passport platform is only available to access from within the USA. If you are on vacation, you cannot access the website unless you use a proxy.

If you have a question about Publix Passport, then add a comment below.

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Eileen Bauer
Eileen Bauer

I cannot believe that Publix caved into the illegal demonstration led by that bully, David Hogg. You should be free to donate and support any political candidate without fear. David Hogg and the few people with him disrupted people’s right to shop without intimidation. They should have been arrested.

willie Brown
willie Brown

I am trying to check my work schedule for some reason I can’t do it on my computer. I have to go and do it on my job. I should be able to do it at home.

willie Brown
willie Brown

i am not happy that. I am not able to check my schedule on my computer like I want. all I am getting right now is siteminder. I have no idea what that means.

Leticia Long
Leticia Long

We aren’t able your cancel ot change a time off request. As previously able to.

Seems that I personally have to login twice. What am I doing wrong?