Rite Aid Headquarters

Rite Aid Headquarters
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Rite Aid Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the Rite Aid Headquarters.

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Rite Aid Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
30 Hunter Lane
Camp Hill, PA
Phone Number
(717) 761-2633
Fax Number
(717) 975-3754
Twitter IDs


What is Rite Aid’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Rite Aid’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-717-761-2633.


What is Rite Aid’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Rite Aid’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-RITE AID (1-800-748-3243) for prescription refills or customer service. Alternatively, call Rite Aid at 1-800-821-1833.


How do I Contact Rite Aid Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or via:

Rite Aid Live Chat available here.

Rite Aid Email Address: Email Rite Aid at eCommerceCustomer.Support@riteaid.com.

Rite Aid’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Rite Aid on Social Media:

Rite Aid on Twitter: @RiteAid

Rite Aid on Facebook: www.facebook.com/riteaid


Rite Aid Executive Team.

Rite Aid’s management team consists of:

John Standley – Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer
Kermit Crawford – President, Chief Operating Officer
Darren Karst – Chief Financial Officer, Senior Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer
Bryan Everett – Chief Operating Officer
David Abelman – Executive Vice President – Marketing
Derek Griffith – Executive Vice President – Store Operations
Jocelyn Konrad – Executive Vice President – Pharmacy
Matt Schroeder – Senior Vice President, Chief Accounting Officer, Treasurer
Michael Regan – Lead Independent Director
Joseph Anderson – Independent Director
Bruce Bodaken – Independent Director
David Jessick – Independent Director
Kevin Lofton – Independent Director
Myrtle Potter – Independent Director
Frank Savage – Independent Director
Marcy Syms – Independent Director

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Jd Moore
Jd Moore

The reason why retail stores are going out of business because of bad customer experience. The clerks seems as if everything you ask is foreign. There is no supervisor semminly the only one who can answer is not on site and the have to text and hopes she answers w hole they leave the customer standing like an idiot. The story location Santa Monica and Vermont Los Angeles,Ca


Prescription drug labels. I picked up prescriptions drugs (site DEA: AR 5252313) today and the print on the labels is so small that I had difficulty reading it even after putting on my glasses. The print needs to be made larger. You also have senior citizens who need to be able to read the labels without difficulty.


I drove through the drive thru here in Fayetteville NC and the employee never greeted me or said she will be right with me I sat in the drive thru waiting for at least 10 minutes or longer she wasn’t courteous or polite so I drove off and took my prescription to Cvs very rude and unprofessional I may say it’s located on Ramsey St Fayetteville NC right across from Walgreens


You don’t have permission to access “http://www.riteaid.com/shop/info/customer-support/contact-us” on this server.
Reference #18.8b991002.1527682260.c1cc78 This is the information I receive when I try to access Rite Aid on line as I’m blocked access. Why in the world would Rite Aid block access to their website when there are US military service personnel overseas, US Citizens like myself doing work overseas that have people traveling to and fro the US and could bring back quality products from the US. I wanted to order a couple vials of skin glue but was denied access. Pure stupidity on someones part for putting up this block


You can also use a proxy when trying to access Rite Aids website from overseas.


A few months ago I went to pick up a prescription for my allergies. Had Dr. Call both Qvar and Flovent in because I wasn’t sure which insurance would cover. Went to pick it up and was told insurance wasn’t going to cover either unless I paid $200 for the deductible. I told them I’d take “whatever one they will cover after deductible”. I paid for the prescription through my Care Credit and it posted on 3/26/18. Went to pick up my prescription of Flovent from the pharmacy a week ago expecting to pay $50 and was told it was over $200. Described the situation to the lady checking me out AND then the pharmacist. They told me to call insurance which I did. Upmc told me that Rite Aid never put in a claim to apply it to the deductible! Went back in Rite Aid and told her what was told to me by Upmc. She states that the prescription I got in March was for Qvar not Flovent which was why it wasn’t applied to my deductible. Pharmacist then states that there was no way they would’ve charged me $200 without telling me. My response was, I understand that it was $200 I’m not disputing that. I am, however, upset that you gave me the wrong prescription and I paid $200 for it which didn’t even apply to the deductible. I asked her what sense would that make? Why would I pay $200 for something that isn’t covered in March then, when I need the prescription again I wanna pay another $200 so it then would be applied to my deductible?!


Riteaid in Hopkinsville Ky told me that they did not have to furnish public restrooms any more. I will be checking in to the legal matters of this.

Deborah Dixon
Deborah Dixon

1212 summit jersey city nj. A bottle of finger nail polish in the sales bin. Was marked 58 cent it was a 8 dollar bottle of course since I was doing my nails anyway I thought I’d take advantage of that price plus it was a color that I liked which recently they haven’t been stocking my favorites gold” any way the cashier said no that it wasn’t. That price but the listed price on the bottle weather it was mark wrong most stores would have given it me for the low price on the bottle the manager after called said no I’m not going to sale it to you. And took the bottle back. Like I said most stores would have given me. The listed price. So I ask her name. T by e two girls at the counter Miriam is one and Roxy the other. I know their names because for the past 7 years I am a frequent shopper in that. Store in there at lease 3 or 4 timers a day .Miriam wouldn’t tell me the managers name neither would Roxy in fact Roxy called thee manager the ask her name she ask why I told her that I would call corporate tomorrow about the listed price. Issue. She refused and in fact said that shed ban me from the store. What is that .nd who does she think she is. Banning me from the store for something like this. I am a gold card member I spend lots of money in rite aid check it out.I want her fired IMMEDIATELY .this is not the first time. .she’s not. S very nice person