Sears Headquarters

Sears Headquarters
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Sears Holdings Corporation Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the Sears Headquarters.

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Sears is also known as Sears, Roebuck and Company. Sears was founded by Richard Warren Sears and Alvah Curtis Roebuck in 1892. The company was bought by Kmart in 2005 and a new holeding company was formed, Sears Holdings Corporation.

Sears Holdings Corporation Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Websites
Kmart, Sears Home Services
Corporate Address
3333 Beverly Rd.
Hoffman Estates, IL
Phone Number
Fax Number
Twitter IDs


What is Sears’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Sears’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-847-286-2500.


What is Sears’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Sears’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-479-5899.

The phone number for Sears Credit Card Services is: 1-800-669-8488.


How do I Contact Sears Customer Support?

Call the numbers listed above or contact Sears via:

Sears Email Address is (Customer Service).

Sears’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Sears on Social Media:

Sears on Twitter: @SearsCares

Sears on Facebook:

Sears Headquarters Executive Team.

Sears’s management team consists of:

Edward S. Lampert, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer

Robert A. Riecker, Chief Financial Officer

Julie Ainsworth, Chief People Officer

Mitch Bowling, Chief Executive Officer, Sears Home Services

Leena Munjal, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Integrated Retail

Robert Naedele, Chief Commercial Officer, Shop Your Way

Dean Schwartz, President, Hardlines

Stephen Sitley, General Counsel


Sears Holding Corporation Board of Directors.

Edward S. Lampert, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer.

Paul G. DePodesta is Chief Strategy Officer for the Cleveland Browns football team.

Kunal S. Kamlani is President of ESL Investments, Inc.

William C. Kunkler III is Executive Vice President-Operations of CC Industries, Inc.

Ann N. Reese.  Ms. Reese is a director of Xerox Corporation and Genesee & Wyoming Inc.

Thomas J. Tisch is the Managing Partner of Four Partners, a private investment firm, since 1992.

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Paul Sollman
Paul Sollman

I purchased a new dryer 2 years ago and the handle broke. It’s a problem with this dryer as they are all breaking. I ordered a new handle for an unbelievable $45 on May 22. Today I got an email cancelling my order. What the hell!! Called up and ordered again. Got a confirmation email and they put the wrong name on the order. Called again and I still don’t know if it’s correct as the shitty call center in the Philippines was so loud I couldn’t understand the dumb lady. No wonder you xxxx are going broke!!! Last time I purchase anything from you unorganized pos!!! Horrible product, service, and communications. MAGA keep the jobs here you morons!!! I’m so frustrated with sears and I’ve been a 40 year customer. No surprise to see you idiots go under. Worst experience I’ve ever had with any company!!!

Inge Maschak
Inge Maschak

To whom it may concern at Sears
This is your Slogan.
“We Make Repairs Easy ” It does not tell you how long you have to wait for someone to come and repair your Appliances.

I’ve been a loyal customer with Sear’s for sixty years and since we settled
down here in Tennessee for the past forty-five years, we bought everything
from Sears. At least fifty items that were covered under “All Care.” Now I’m
with twenty Items because they took the gasoline products off. Now it is
called “Master Protection agreement.”

My AC broke down on July 9th. The appointment they gave me was July 17th. He
came late at night and worked on it. He found out that my compressor was
gone. So the service man told me he will call me the next day, which he did.
He told my daughter that he come by later. He never came by. So, I called
and wanted to know what is going on. They told me that they can’t even find
the order or the repairman. So, I called again and I got hung up on. I
called again and I get asked, can you hold on? I said, sure but, please,
don’t hang up on me again? Not me, the lady says and we got hung up on, yet

Every time I call, I have to tell the same story because I never get the
same person every time I call. When I finally thought that I got someone who
cared, he told me someone will call me the next day. Monday the fellow who
worked on the AC. So, I waited again for this call and it never happened.
This is horrible customer service. I should not have to go through this
inconveniences. Monday, I should have had the Service man call me who was
here before, but still nothing.

Now, my Hot Water heater also went out on that day. The guy was here to fix
my AC. I told him about it this appointment was also eight days later. I
left a message and my daughter, also left a message. No one ever called
back. They told me that they can’t find him or my order. Really? Then, who
shows up for my Hot Water heater? The same service man!
He could have and should have worked on this the same night he worked on the
AC. Right?

I told him I already consulted with a lawyer, which I did. My next
appointment was on August 8th. He said that he would be here on the one he
came for but the compressor doesn’t work. Now he needs to order something
else. I get a call telling me that he should been here on August 7th. Well,
I waited and waited… I called at 6 PM wanting to know if he still is
coming… No is the answer! They told me that he will be here tomorrow
August 8th. I get a call in the morning advising me that he is sick! Now,
I’m told August 9th, next day.

So, I called and wanted to know what is going on? They make me a new
appointment for August 15th!? Why? This is how long that I have to wait
without AC?

My Daughter talked them in to a portable AC. They gave me $250.00 to spend,
however, it cost $299.00. It makes so much noise that I can’t sleep with
this on. So, I took it downstairs in the Living room. We can’t hear the TV
or someone talking. So, I bought me a window unit since I have my Great
grand Baby here at all times so she can sleep. This one feels like an
Airplane flying in my house. When I called today, I felt that I should be
next in line for someone to come since they already worked on the unit. I
feel that I should be next in line since it has already been worked on and
that the part is there. You think they would consider that? Please help.
This is totally unacceptable.

Donna L Mitchell
Donna L Mitchell

The Sears store in Delaware,Ohio 43015 has the worst customer service!!Rude managers, lies impossible to work with on any issue. I had to pay 451.30 for a restocking fee. I am on a fixed income. Will be cutting my Sears card into pieces.

Patricia White
Patricia White

I get tons of letters asking why I no longer shop at Sears and K-Mart and did it ever occur to corporate that not everyone can get to your stores anymore? You closed store located in my area and I have no way to get to ANY OF YOUR DAMN STORES!!!

william mongan
william mongan

I bought a lawn tractor 41″, a snow blade, and a grass catcher. I tried plowing my drive way which is about 20′ x 40′ with a slight incline. I wasn’t able to go any more than 6 to 10′ . I than bought chains and wheel weights and with 3 or 4″ of snow I could only go about 12′. The tractor is good for the lawn but the snow blade is useless.I can’t believe sears would carry such a product. I payed $208.99 and have to shovel I am 78 years old and don’t find it easy to shovel. I would like to return the snow blade for a refund. I would like to put the refund to a snow blower and pay the difference.
Thank you,
William Mongan

Eliezer Rabinovich
Eliezer Rabinovich


My Kenmore washer is out of order – an electrical short occurs when you try to connect the plug with the outlet. I called Sears on July 17th and got an appointment on July 31st.
The technician came and said the cord needs to be replaced, but he had no spare cord with him, so he placed an order.

A new cord arrived on Aug. 3d, and the 2nd technician came on Aug. 4th to find out that the machine shorts with the new cord as well. His second guess diagnosis was that the timer should be replaced, and he ordered the new timer that arrived on Aug. 8th but they had no appointment available until Aug. 15th.

On Aug. 15th the 3d technician arrived just to find out that the 2nd technician ordered a wrong timer! Today Aug. 17, a month since my machine went out of order, and my new appointments is on Sept. 1st. I am not sure they’ll repair it at that date.

These people are completely unprofessional and irresponsible and my calls to their headquarter do not help.

Ron Gatyas
Ron Gatyas

No Sears repair shops in my area!! I have a Protection Agreement and no shops!!!!!

Jonathan Sheridon
Jonathan Sheridon

I purchase one of sear top of line Refrigerator, It not 2 years old yet. It been work on 4 Time. The warranty that the store say was the best rated and they would come out 7 days a week. Well none of that is true. It been broke again for 4 weeks and when you call you get a person from over sea who doesn’t speak English. then all you get from supervisor is she sorry and they call back when they get the parts in. Well I’ve called then all week and get the answer let them check on the part but you never get a call back. Can you help to get my refrigerator repaired. I think its be broke more then working. I hope your service doesn’t treat everyone like I have. I would rate the customer service a VERY POOR

Carlia Gish
Carlia Gish

I called to have someone to come fixed my dryer…Oct 8 2018 They was here and my timer is out, also the heat was broke…so I have been waiting since then …they say it was in research all this time…they can’t not find the replacement timer…the tech was here and he put in the heating part but of course not the timer because he had no part… still in research…My husband has talked to everyone that he could about this problem. We have been with Sears every since 1975… and I have never had this much trouble. So I feel like I should had a dryer fixed or replace by now. It still in research but everyone see that they can not get the timer!!!! Now since they have closed stores we have no stores to shop at, so now what? I am not happy with my service. My husband was on the phone going from one person to another for three hours…I want to know what you are going to do with my dryer this whole problem needs to be solved. The techs’ are at a loss of what to do so they called their boss …Nov 12th 2018. We have a whole house service agreement. If you can not fix my products, they need to be replaced in a timely manner. Being without a dryer for 5 weeks is unacceptable!!