Sony Headquarters

Sony Headquarters
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Sony Corporation of America Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the Sony Corporation of America Headquarters.

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Sony Corporation of America Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
550 Madison Ave.
New York, NY
Company Contact
Kazuo Hirai
Phone Number
(212) 833-6722
Fax Number
(212) 833-6938
Employee Count
Twitter IDs


What is Sony USA’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Sony’s Headquarters phone number is (USA): 1-212-833-6722 or 1-212-833-6800.

Sony USA’s corporate address is:

  • Sony USA
  • 25 Madison Avenue
  • New York, NY 10016
  • USA

Sony USA is a subsidiary of Sony Global Corporation (of Japan).

Sony Global Corp’s corporate office address is:

  • Sony Corp.
  • 1-7-1 Konan
  • Minato-Ku, 108-0075
  • Tokyo, Japan

Corporate Office Phone number: 81-3-6748-2111
Corporate Office Fax number: 81-3-6748-2061


What is Sony USA’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Sony’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-430-4433 (USA).

Other Sony Cusomer Service phone numbers:

Sony Technical Support phone number: 1-877-865-7669

Sony National Customer Relations phone number: 1-800-554-6908

Sony eSupport Customer Service phone number: 1-866-909-7669

Sony Customer Service phone number: 1-877-244-9959


How do I Contact Sony Customer Support?

Call the numbers above or via their Twitter Support page.

Sony USA does not have a Live Chat help service.

Sony’s Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Sony on Social Media:

Sony on Twitter: @SonySupportUSA

Sony on Facebook:

Sony Corporation of America Headquarters Executive Team.

Leadership and Executives for Sony Corporation of America.

  • Nicole Seligman – President, President of Sony Entertainment, Inc and Senior Legal Counsel of Sony Group
  • Steven E. Kober  – Chief Financial Officer and Executive Vice President
  • Martin N. Bandier  – Chairman of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Division and CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  • Kazuo Hirai – Director, Chief Executive of Sony Corporation and President of Sony Corporation
  • Andrew House – Group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc and President of Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Shawn Layden – CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America and President of Sony Computer Entertainment America
  • Michael M. Lynton – Chairman & CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment & CEO of Sony Entertainment
  • Douglas P. Morris – Chief Executive Officer of Sony Music Entertainment
  • Hiroki Totoki – Chief Executive Officer of Sony Mobile Communications and President of Sony Mobile Communications
  • Michael Fasulo – President of Sony Electronics and Chief Operating Officer of Sony Electronics
  • Karen L. Hedine – President of Micronics, Inc.
  • John Kodera – President of Sony Network Entertainment International
  • Phil Molyneux  – MD of Sony Central & South East Europe and President & COO of Sony Electronics Inc
  • Ravi Nookala  – President of Sony Mobile Communications (Usa) Inc.
  • Dave Rubenstein  – President of Sony DADC Americas
  • Steven P. Fuld – MD of Sony Card Mktg & Services Company and Senior VP of Sony Card Mktg & Services Company
  • Mark E. Khalil – Executive Vice President and General Counsel


Sony Corporation of America Board of Directors.

  • Martin Bandier
    Chairman of Sony/ATV Music Publishing Division and CEO of Sony/ATV Music Publishing
  • Kazuo Hirai
    Director, Chief Executive of Sony Corporation and President of Sony Corporation
  • Michael Lynton
    Chairman & CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment & CEO of Sony Entertainment
  • Kunitake Ando
  • Osamu Nagayama
  • Tim Schaaff
  • Kanemitsu Anraku
  • Eikoh Harada
  • Joichi Ito
  • Kazuo Matsunaga
  • Koichi Miyata
  • Takaaki Nimura
  • Sony Corporation
  • John Roos
  • Eriko Sakurai
  • Sony Corporation
  • Kenichiro Yoshida
  • Joichi Ito
  • Michael M. Lynton
  • Martin N. Bandier
  • Koichi Miyata
  • John V. Roos


Sony Global Corporate Executive Officers (Representative).

  • Kenichiro Yoshida
    Representative Corporate Executive Officer, President and CEO
  • Hiroki Totoki
    Representative Corporate Executive Officer, EVP, CFO
  • Sony Global Corporate Executive Officers.
  • Tomoyuki Suzuki
    Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Deputy President
  • Shiro Kambe
    Executive Vice President
    Officer in charge of Legal, Compliance, Corporate Communications,
    CSR, External Relations and Information Security & Privacy
  • Masashi Imamura
    Corporate Executive Officer, EVP,
    Officer in charge of Quality and Environmental , Engineering Platform, Sony Corporation
  • Shigeki Ishizuka
    Corporate Executive Officer, EVP
    Officer in charge of Imaging Products & Solutions Business, Mobile Communications Business, Storage Media Business
    Representative Director and President, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions Inc.
  • Ichiro Takagi
    Corporate Executive Officer, EVP
    Officer in charge of Home Entertainment & Sound Business, Consumer AV Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Logistics, Procurement
    Representative Director and President, Sony Visual Products Inc.
    Representative Director and President, Sony Video & Sound Products Inc.
  • Kazushi Ambe
    Executive Vice President
    Officer in charge of Human Resources and General Affairs
  • Toru Katsumoto
    Corporate Executive Officer, Executive Vice President
    Officer in charge of R&D Platform

Sony Global Board of Directors.

  • Kenichiro Yoshida – CEO of Sony Global Corp.
    Member of the Nominating Committee
  • Kazuo Hirai – Chairman -f Sony Global Corp.
  • Osamu Nagayama
    Chairman of the Board
    Chair of the Nominating Committee
  • Takaaki Nimura
    Chair of the Audit Committee
  • Eikoh Harada
    Chair of the Compensation Committee
  • Tim Schaaff
  • Kazuo Matsunaga
    Member of the Audit Committee
  • Koichi Miyata
    Member of the Nominating Committee
  • John V. Roos
    Member of the Nominating Committee
    Member of the Compensation Committee
  • Eriko Sakurai
    Member of Compensation Committee
  • Kunihito Minakawa
    Member of the Audit Committee
  • Shuzo Sumi
    Member of the Nominating Committee


Sony Headquarters Executive Contacts.

John Dolak
Vice President of Corporate Communications
25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Mike Fasulo
President and COO Sony Electronics
25 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016

Masashi Imamura
Executive Vice President, Officer in charge of Quality
1-7-1 Konan
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan

Chief Executive
Kenichiro Yoshida
President and CEO
1-7-1 Konan
Minato-Ku, Tokyo 108-0075 Japan


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Terry Thompson
Terry Thompson

Sony Cybershot RX1RII is basically defective. The battery is shorting out when it is off and the battery life is unacceptable. When asking a Sony Rep. in NW about a fix , he was very rude and evasive. I’m a Pro and Know my equipment. This feels like I wasted $3000.00 that I do not have.
I will spread the word in my community of photographers.
I’ve worked for Leica and my wife worked for Nikon, this is not the way they work, they make a design mistake and they fix it or at least replace the unit.
Sony will not even admit it. Consumer electronics attitude. It even has the worst Carl Zeiss lens I’ve ever used..barrel distortion.

Phil Schermerhorn
Phil Schermerhorn

I bought a Sony television on May 19th, 2018 from Best Buy. After we brought it home, it was a trainwreck. The instructions were horrible so we struggled to get it set up. Unfortunately it had a manufacturing defect affecting the audio which never worked. Since your tech support department was closed, I had to settle for chat. I was connected to Naomi. She was amazing!!!!!! She did everything possible to resolve the problem and I learned a lot from her efforts. She was like a bulldog…she just didn’t want to give up! However, she could not get around the defect and had to let me know that. Naomi was outstanding and I want this communication to get to her Supervisor/Manager so that she will get proper credit for her outstanding effort. I see her as a shining star in a world (customer service professionals) at times shrouded in darkness. If you would like me to describe her efforts you can reach me at (310) 874-1912 in Los Angeles. Thank you.

Colin Tomenson.
Colin Tomenson.

I sent a tracked and recorded letter to Sony at Minatu-Ku on 02/05/18.The UK mail service has confirmed that the letter was delivered,tracking RNxxxxxxxxxGB but I have had no reply.Please advise.



Fathalla Ramadan
Fathalla Ramadan

I would like to inform you that I put your Sony TV in the grave yard and replace it with SAMSUNG TV>

I’m lost trust in your company and in your product range> Never ever recommend it to any of my family member nor friends.

Have a nice day.

Good bye

Fathalla Ramadan

—–Original Message—–
From: Fathalla Ramadan []
Sent: Monday, November 20, 2017 3:54 PM
To: ‘Sony Middle East General Enquiry’
Subject: RE: Thank you for contacting Sony Contact Centre [ ref:_00D90XxjZ._500901gk7S2:ref ]
Importance: High

Dear Sir,

Hope that you are fine. I did not hear from you since then and I’m looking forward for your response to take a quick action with my TV if its current problem is not fixable due to lake of spare parts.

Appreciate your fast response.



Dear Mr Imamura,

I hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to you to express my deepest regret in purchasing Sony products due to quality issues. Firstly with the quality of the Sony Xperia XZ2 I purchased in April this year from a Broadway, a licenses dealership of Sony products in Hong Kong. This was my 5th Sony Xperia I have purchased over the years and previously I was somewhat happy with the quality and functionality of the phones however they did always seem to break just outside the warranty period. Due to the price and hassle of having Sony products fixed or repaired it always seemed like the best option to purchase a new unit to take advantage of the warranty on new features of the phone.

As previously mentioned, I purchased a phone in the month of April 2018 from Broadway, not more than 2 months later during a business trip I was at the airport getting ready to fly from Cyprus to Greece to meet with a business partner for a meeting. While checking in my phone turned itself off without warning, I was trying to check into my flight and needed to provide the ticket reference number to the flight attendant however could not due to the phone not turning back on. I tried to turn the phone back on however it began turning itself on and off without loading into the menu. The handset proceeded to turn itself on and off several times and while doing so became hotter and hotter to the point of almost burning my leg. At this point I had to take the phone out of my pocket as the temperature was not bearable. Once out of my pocket the phone continued to turn itself on and off and at the same time get hotter and hotter to the point it was untouchable by hand. I almost missed my flight due to this as I could not stand at the counter with my phone burning my hand and needed to place it down.

My phone never turned back on and I arrived in Greece and could not find my business partner as I could not contact them. As you can imagine this whole episode was extremely inconvenient and completely frustrating and caused a great deal of personal stress. I then had to purchase another phone while in Greece to use as my Sony handset would not charge nor turn on.

When returning back to China, the country I currently live and work I retrieved my receipt as I knew I would need this for the warranty. I then proceeded to have my assistant contact Sony “customer service” to find out where the nearest service center was. She replied that I was in luck and there was a Sony service center in Zhongshan, Guangdong which is the city I live in. That weekend I drove to the repair center with my Sony in box and with the receipt to have my phone repaired only to find when I arrived that this is no longer a service center of Sony and had not been for over a month! This now adding to my stress and frustration I have my assistant contact Sony again to find out what is going one. My assistant is then told that due to me purchasing the phone in HK I am required to send it back to a Sony repair center in Hong Kong as that is where I purchased the phone.

I then had my assistant contact the service center to find out the process and address of sending my phone to be repaired. They instructed her to send the IMEI number to the service center first to verify the phone was bought in Hk prior to sending us the address of the service center. My assistant then sent the IMEI number to the service center, only to receive an email 3 days later telling her she needs to send the IMEI number and photos of the receipt to the service center to verify that the phone was purchased in Hong Kong. This adding to my frustration and stress due to being without my work phone this whole time and still not having the information available to send the phone back to be repaired. I then had to call the “customer service” hotline again to find out the address to have my handset sent to for repair.

Once receiving the address finally we arrange the handset to be sent to the Hong Kong service center in Kowloon for repair. Days later I get an email saying the phone had been repaired and to arrange a courier to come and pick the phone up. We called the same courier that dropped it off (SF) and they then informed us they could not deliver second hand phones from Hong Kong to China. I contacted the service center number again to inform them of this only to be told “this is not our problem, it is your responsibility to arrange the courier of the phone”. I then contacted “customer service” to inform them of this to which they replied by quoting the email they sent telling me it is my responsibility to arrange the courier. I explained that while I understood that, it was impossible for me to get them to send the phone back to China due to it being second hand. When doing so we provided the courier company with all the details as per the email provided by Sony “customer service” so that the phone could be picked up. We then receive a call saying that the courier tried to pick up the phone but the service center would not release it.

I then tried to arrange a courier to pick the phone up and deliver it to a local address in Hong Kong so I could arrange another means of getting the phone back to China as I have colleagues coming to China soon. I contacted several express companies including SF, DHL and fedex to find out they could not receive and either print out or forward the email to their delivery drivers to go and pick up the phone. No courier company I contacted were able to adhere to the terms as per the email from Sony.

I then call again to inform customer service of this to which they respond “other customers can do it”. I let them know that this cannot be the only case of this happening and I have tried everything I can to get the phone picked up however the courier companies cannot give their drivers the email either in hard or soft copy therefore I cannot arrange the pick-up of the handset.

I can’t such a large corporation like Sony would train their staff to pass the blame and not to help customers. All the staff have tried to do is pass the blame to me saying they emailed me to say it is my responsibility to arrange couriers. Rather than trying to help or assist me all they did was defer my questions and keep quoting the email that was sent. They never once tried to assist or help me with my problems and it is completely disappointing that it seems this is the way they are trained. I come from a hospitality background previously and have never experienced such poor customer service. Especially when it was caused by the product I purchased being faulty. The phone that I bought in good faith thinking would for longer than a couple of months especially still under warranty.

Due to this pain and suffering and lack of customer support from your company, I am now forced to seek legal advice to compensate me for the pain and suffering I have gone through as no other solution has been offered and no support has been given to fix the situation I am in. I am completely let down by Sony and based on the lack of service and poor quality of the Sony product I have bought I will endeavor never to purchase Sony or Sony related products ever again. I am disgusted at the way your staff treat their customers and the complete lack of support and after sales service provided.

I have had to write this email to you and your colleagues as I am at a loss and complete disbelief of the situation and what I can do to solve it.


Marie DeGayner
Marie DeGayner

I always thought Sony sell exceptional products. We have had many over the years. I am 83 years old. In April 2018, I purchased an LG from Best Buy. I decided I would rather a Sony because of Sony’s excellent reputation. I exchanged the LG for a Sony on April 21, 2018. (Best Buy) In August 2018 I began have distorted pictures, which made it difficult to watch programs. I contacted Sony because the TV has a one year warranty. That was almost a week ago. I have called many times. It seem I have to jump through hoops to have my problem addressed. Needless to say, I am very disappointed with Sony and will never again purchase a Sony product. I will report my situation and spread the word and advise anyone to stay away from Sony products.