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Wendy’s Headquarters
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The Wendy’s Company Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the The Wendy’s Company Headquarters.

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The Wendy’s Company Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Corporate Address
1 Dave Thomas Blvd.
Dublin, OH
Phone Number
(614) 764-3100
Fax Number
(614) 764-3330
Twitter IDs


What is Wendy’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Wendy’s’s Headquarters phone number is: 1-614-764-3100.


What is Wendy’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Wendy’s’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-443-7266 or 1-888-624-8140.


How do I Contact Wendy’s Customer Support?

Call the contact numbers above or contact Wendy’s via:

Wendy’s Email Address: Use the Email Form to ask a question.

Wendy’s’ Contact Us page can be found here.


Contact Wendy’s on Social Media:

Wendy’s on Twitter: @Wendys

Wendy’s on Facebook: www.facebook.com/wendys

Wendy’s Headquarters Executive Team.

Wendy’s leadership team consists of:

Todd A. Penegor
Wendy’s CEO, President, Director

Robert D. Wright
Executive vice president, COO, International

Kurt A. Kane
Marketing officer, Chief Concept

Gunther Plosch

M. Coley O’Brien
Chief people officer

Liliana M. Esposito
Chief communications officer

Abigail Pringle
Chief development officer

David Trimm
Chief information officer

Leigh A. Burnside
Chief accounting officer

E.J. Wunsch
Chief legal officer, Corporate secretary

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Pulled up to order breakfast this morning and lunch menu up not breakfast. Tried to order and staff said I don’t know what you are talking about. I said I don’t know what it’s called and I can’t see the breakfast menu. Attendant told me not to get a attitude with her. I explained I wasn’t but how do I know what it’s called when I can’t see the menu.

Why wouldn’t staff go outside and manually change the menu? Because they are lazy and the new staff there how the bad attitudes.

Don’t care if I ever eat at another Wendy’s again. I will also tell everyone I work with, about the bad experience with that store. Over 300 employees in our bldg.


I was surprised and disappointed to find out that your family restaurant, Wendys, not only advertises on the Full Frontal show, but also continues to advertise, even after its actress, Samantha Bee, was so filthy-mouthed and disrespectful with vile insinuations about our First Family…disgusting! Would love to know the reason for aligning your company’s good name with such filthiness? Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.
Sincerely saddened, Michelle


Every time my daughter gets sick and has a doctors note saying no work her manager bitchs about it just like now my child has the flu and still is getting forced to work that is not sanitary that store is very disgusting and I don’t like it ! I’m a very upset parent ! By the way it’s the Wendy’s in palm harbor off 19


Yesterday my wife and I were at one of your restaurants in East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania. The one on Courtland Street , and were very disturbed and shocked. One of your workers was cross contaminating anything she touched. This woman was one of the food preparers. While wearing plactic gloves she wore to make sandwiches she also was removing dirty food tray from the front , that hundreds of customers touch daily and then without changing her disposable plastic gloves she continued preparing sandwiches .. While she prepared my wife’s salad I saw her using her fingers to put beacon on the salad ,with the same plastic gloves she was using to clean and help the other staff.. this was despicable and disgraceful. The lack of regard for cleanliness cross-contamination was shocking .The lack of simple common sense shows a major laps in the protocols and in management ..I have 2 daughters with two kids each ranging in ages from 2 to 6. We frequent Wendy’s since my daughters were babies. I’ve advised them about this situation and will continue to tell everyone I know on social media.

Theresa Cipcic
Theresa Cipcic


60 Towne Square Way, Pittsburgh, PA 15227

Last night my hubby ran to Wendy’s for me. I wanted to try the new salad because the one they made two years ago was so great. I think it was similar to the berry blast with the same raspberry dressing. He ordered the berry blast salad extra dressing and extra chicken. He came home and I am just so excited. I look at it and it is just beautiful. I don’t eat very well so this was a treat. What I meant is that I always watch my diet, due to medical issues. This salad was beyond what I expected. It was really good and I made it into two salads with the extra chicken so that I could eat it the next day. Just a big thank you to Wendy’s. My husband said they were really nice, however they were out of chocolate Frosty ‘s he was sad. But I am thank full. So I am giving you all the stars that I can. I hope that someone higher up reads this and does something nice for this team. These folks work long hours and days. People don’t give them the respect they deserve. Fast food yes but they do much deserve so much more. Words can’t express my excitement and love for my meal late last night and lunch today. Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Theresa Cipcic

4xxx Old Boston Road
Pittsburgh, PA 15227


I just left store 315 in Petersburg Va and order a single with cheese and got a burnt price of meat that obviously was on the back of the grill ready for the chilli pot it wasn’t even busy and I waited over 10mi for that totally unacceptable.

Distraught Anonymous
Distraught Anonymous

Hello! I’d just wanna say that I was hired at a Wendy’s down here in VA andddd. I requested two days of the week off due to my religious belief and the “Head Manager” was notified about my asthma.. I want to also add that when I texted her asking why she put me on schedule the day I requested off and she kept repeating that I either do 5 to closing hours. Which in this area the time to close is 11 pm. Just know the manager refused to make accomodations for me and was a bit disrespectful to me saying that we’d be wasting each other’s time. Plus the fact I had asthma did not seem to phase the manager from last night or the night before that. Just note that this corporation has lost a good employee due to the disrespect and attitudes given. Just thought you all should know.

Cynthia Benjamin
Cynthia Benjamin

Recently moved to Colorado from California (3 years). We have been to the Wendy’s near Denver International Airport and the Wendy’s in Conifer, CO. Several different times, thinking they may have gotten better. Each experience has been worse then the previous visit. Both locations are completely filthy (cannot step foot in the restrooms and when we did we found Coke cans stuffed in the toilet in the Conifer location). Tables are never cleaned, the floors in the dining areas have food and trash throughout the restaurant. We have never found the catsup dispensers having catsup in them, always empty. We always enjoyed the CA locations and find the 2 locations that we frequent in Colorado to be in horribly condition. The employees at both locations did not seem to care about our complaints. Also, we have yet to have our orders completed as requested.


Someone from headquarters needs to come to Wendy’s on Versailles Rd in Frankfort my. It’s 94 degrees in there. Employees r suffering. Come help them

Penny Covey
Penny Covey

My minor child is employed at wendys in ohio, has been for a year. She is still in school and by law not to work past 11pm when there is school the following day. I have informed managment that she is still in school and can only work tell 11pm. But they refuse to listen and keep my daughter working as late as 2am she is never off at her scheduled time at 11pm this has caused behavioral problems from my daughter towards me as well as issues with her getting up for school. I also noticed two clock-in and out time slips both dated Jan 16th, both with her name but stated two completly different times in and times out, which i showed management expecting an explanation. I have asked numerous times for an update of the outcome and still have no answer or even guesses as how she clocked in and out the same day completely different hours and the totaled weekly hours where also different. Wendys in akron, ohio has ruined me and my daughters relationship and my being able to parent her, because they disregard anything i say or concerns i have presented to them thats become a problem or interfered with her schooling. They are not mature and should not be managing anything if they cant following the law.

Robert Hilterbrand
Robert Hilterbrand

After watching cashier handle money then bare handed handle my fries the guy making my sandwich wiped his nose with his fingers lost my appetite wanted refund only will make another sandwich no refunds 6$and change wont break me disgusting so taillights to wendy forever! Belfontaine ohio 43318


rE, wendy’s,thomasville,ga. employee tried to short-change me $20–had to call local police, they referred me to magistrate court–as it was a civil matter. clerk who took the money said it would appear on the tape bu made no effort to get the tape.his attitude was hateful, probably because i was white customer–he claimed he was the mgr. but doubt he finished the second grade! never will return to wendy’s.

C. Erz
C. Erz

Cleanliness seems to be lacking in most of the restaurants. Lobby, kitchen and most of all the RESTROOMS. No one seems to look at this universal problem. Please make sure this is addressed as doon as possible as my lunch preference is Wendy’s. Looking forward to a more condusive environment with attention to my concerds. Thank you.

Loren Bandy
Loren Bandy

I was an employee at a Wendy’s in Charlottesville, VA. and while working with my manager one day, she was in a very bad mood and out of anger, she threw a metal bar in my direction and it hit me in my rib cage. She would not allow me to make an accident report and after having her get very argumentative with me, I noticed the police. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to do anything because it wasn’t seen on camera. I have 2 witnesses that are employees and 2 more witnesses that were customers. I feel that the manager should be held responsible for hurting me. She didn’t even apologize. I quit that same day. The way she handled everything was very unprofessional.