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Company Website
United Services Automobile Association
Corporate Address
9800 Fredericksburg Road
San Antonio, TX
Phone Number
(800) 365-8722
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What is USAA’s Corporate Office Address?

The USAA Headquarters can be reached via postal mail at:

USAA Headquarters

9800 Fredericksburg Rd

San Antonio, TX 78288



What is USAA’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

The USAA Bank Headquarters phone number is: (210) 498-2211

For USAA Membership, please call: 1-800-365-USAA (or 800-365-8722).


What is USAA’s Customer Service phone Number?

USAA Bank’s customer support phone number is: 1-210-531-USAA (or 210-531-8722)

The customer support 800 number is: 1-800-531-USAA (or 800-531-8722)

The USAA Bank customer mail address is:

USAA Federal Savings Bank
10750 McDermott Freeway
San Antonio, TX 78288-9876

What is USAA’s Email Address?

You can email USAA if you have a member ID.  Log in first here.

USAA can also be contacted via Twitter at the Twitter handle:Twitter: @USAA_Help


USAA Executive Team.

  • Stuart Parker (CEO)
  • Laura Bishop (Executive Vice President)
  • Deneen Donnelly (Executive Vice President, General Counsel & Secretary)
  • Torben Ostergaard (Executive Vice President Chief risk officer)
  • Carl Liebert (Executive Vice President COO)
  • Wayne Peacock (president, USAA Property, and Casualty Insurance Group, reporting to COO Carl Liebert.)
  • Chad Borton (President, USAA Federal Saving Bank)
  • Dan McNamara (President of the Financial Advice & Solutions)
  • Dana Simmons (Executive Vice President and Chief of Staff)
  • Heather Cox ( Executive Vice President, Chief Technology And Digital )
  • Michael Merwarth (Executive vice president, Enterprise Strategy & Marketing, reporting)
  • Patricia TeagueI ( Executive Vice President, Human Resources)

USAA Board of Directors.

  • General Lester L. Lyles- Chairman of the Board
  • Stuart Parker- Member, Nominating & Governance, and Executive committees
  • General John P. Abizaid- Member, Finance & Audit, Compensation & Workforce and Executive committees
  • Colonel Herman E. Bulls- Vice Chair, Finance & Audit Committee and Member, Member & Technology and Nominating & Governance committees
  • Colonel Eileen M. Collins- Vice Chair, Risk Committee and Member, Member & Technology and Nominating & Governance committees
  • Admiral Thomas B. Fargo-  Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Major General Tracy L. Garrett- Chair, Member & Technology Committee and Member, Finance & Audit and Executive committees
  • Rear Admiral Mary E. Landry- Member, Finance & Audit and Compensation & Workforce committees
  • Tracy B. McKibben- Chair, Finance & Audit Committee and Member, Compensation & Workforce Committee
  • Gerald R. Murray- Vice Chair, Member & Technology Committee and Member, Risk and Nominating & Governance committees
  • William R. Reed Jr.- Chair, Risk Committee and Member, Compensation & Workforce and Executive committees
  • Lieutenant General Robert L. VanAntwerp- Vice Chair, Compensation & Workforce Committee and Member, Risk and Nominating & Governance committees
  • John F. Young- Member, Risk and Member & Technology committees
  • Vice Admiral James M. Zortman- Chair, Compensation & Workforce Committee and Member, Finance & Audit and Executive committees


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Ella V. Askew
Ella V. Askew

I was always told that USAA was a great insurance company. When I was told that I’m not sure what was meant by “great”. I insure three house and three cars through USAA and thought I had good coverage until claim time. I DO BELIEVE some USAA personnel that I have attempted to talk to TRULY do not LISTEN or HEAR their member’s issues! They appear to be focused totally in their lane of view and race full speed ahead to their destination while forsaking the common professional courteous that should rightly be afforded the USAA member. They seemingly strive to “close” an issue rather than help to “resolve” the issue. Of course the big powerful company moves ahead and leaves the member writhing in the dust; never, even glancing back to show one speck of concern. It has been a stressful, battle zone of hours laying wasted on the ground of my life….most precious hours I have so few of. I may be reached through mail at 1225 Rock Spring Road, Bumpass, VA. My phone number and email will be provided to other members if I can be of assistance……I WILL listen and reply if one would like further information.

Beth Lewis
Beth Lewis

I have been on the phone with USAA for over 5 hours, been transferred to 12 different people and disconnected 3 times …. I have NEVER BEEN MORE DISAAPOINTED ! I’m at my wits end and after 27 years with USAA I will be leaving . I am still on hold going on 5 plus hours now .


In March 2018, I called USAA to have my insurance updated for my pending move to Arizona. I was assured by the gentleman that the full coverage I have had since 2015 would transition smoothly to my new Arizona coverage. Two days into my drive, I discovered damage had occurred to my car during transport. Immediately, I took photos and contacted USAA via the mobile app. After several days, a representative contacted me stating I did not have comprehensive coverage and the damage to my car would be my financial responsibility. I spent many hours on the phone explaining to one cavalier representative after that the only change to my insurance should have been the state I reside in. Finally, I was told an investigation would be conducted. Several more days past until I finally received the call I had been waiting for. Recorded on my voicemail, is a message stating that back in March, I did request full coverage and that USAA did not update my police correctly. I was told that these errors would reflect on a letter being sent in the mail and my policy would be updated immediately.
After several weeks and many unfulfilled requested, I still do not have the correct coverage. Per the recorded conversation where I requested that my full coverage be transferred to Arizona and the voicemail left by your company, the evidence stands strong that USAA made a mistake. Today, the man (I hesitate on calling him a gentleman for several reasons) informed me that I would have to pay double the payment to make up for the 2 months where USAA has not covered what was requested.
As a loyal customer for nearly twenty years, I am disheartened by the treatment I have received. Considering you stand of the platform of “serving those who serve”, the dismissive attitude conveyed during this entire transaction is disappointing. I am left questioning the integrity and ethical standards of USAA.

Rose Vazquez
Rose Vazquez

I am totally disappointed with the quality and the lack of knowledge. I have been transferred 3 times disconnected once and on hold for 30 minutes so the person could talk to her co workers. Then the rudeness comes on the phone and keeps repeating the same thing over and over again. Customer assistance is lacking and it’s sad however the quality and the training are lacking.respect to your devoted and loyal customers. I will be filling a complaint officially on the website

Janice Jacobs
Janice Jacobs

My recent experience lead me to cancel membership with USAA and will advise any/all family/friends to avoid using this financial institution at all cost. I think any former member as myself (closed accounts on 9/25/18 only to learn they were already closed on 9/21/18 yet no one informed me).

I believe their staff practice gender bias and directed intentional misconduct based on the directions of my now/soon to be ex-husband. During the course of the last 3-4 weeks I had weekly conversations with their staff who at no time advised that the auto loan in his name was not paid nor did anyone ask about paying the note. Based of false information provided to them by him they closed my accounts including my credit card but never contacted me as to their intent to take this action. My now/ soon to be ex-husband is the primary on the auto loan and has directed them to repossess my vehicle although there is a scheduled hearing related to this separation and addresses financial matters which of course includes marital assets and debts. Without my knowledge he removed in excess of $110,000 and paid of the marital house which doesn’t have my name. We had jointly engaged in tradeline services and he was compensated individually by the company yet he claimed to USAA that I accessed his password without his knowledge and completed the transactions (forgetting that he himself called USSA related to tradelines). USAA did not close his accounts without notice and find it acceptable to follow his directions to repo the vehicle that has been paid timely since the inception of the loan by auto loan. My credit card bill has been paid off monthly and most recently has a balance but payment is timely. In closing all my accounts including credit card it was brought to my attention that something was going on when attempting to log on a message appear stating that due to past difficulties access to is denied.

After discovering some concerning conducts related to my now/soon to be ex-husband, I filed for divorce. I had accounts and credit card with USAA for about 8 years. I was forced to move out of my home (to even be able to file divorce papers as this is SC law). I forwarded my mail and thought nothing of notifying USAA due to all ON-LINE banking. Within about 2 weeks of moving a representative contacted me to inform me that my now/soon to be ex-husband informed USAA of our separation and she had a great offer for me. It was to provide my children membership (after 8 years???). I had no interest in the offer. Then I got a letter telling me that the United States Postal Service informed them of my changed address and called twice on the same day to ask about the letter while voicing my safety in address disclosure. I had already discussed safety concern during the “we want to give your children membership call.”

USAA AUTO LOAN-After about 4 different call that NO USAA customer service person mentioned anything about the auto loan- a letter arrives to me about my need to pay the loan or late charges will be added to the next payment. I called to speak with Mr. Wiggins whose signature is on the letter and got nowhere after speaking to 3 different people. They all can’t see anything. I did write a response to Mr. Wiggins and at this point a case needs to be filed as it relates to the gender bias and selective manner of imposing the terms of a marital debt against me although I’m not the primary person on the loan (nor on the title primarily or the registration primarily). So this car is to be paid by me but my now/soon to be ex-husband can come get it when he wants.

It’s terrible that when practical questions are asked of their staff and they can’t answer, they put you on hold to create an answer but that leads to more questions. It’s a run around for no direct answer.

This is clear violations and targeting based on the fabricated stories of one person. Since when does a person’s words trump the four corners of a signed loan agreement? What allows them to excuse my now/soon to be ex-husband’s direct refusal to pay the loan in his name? Maybe they excuse it away because he bought a new car financed through them… it says a lot about this financial institution. Stay away and buyer beware.

My intention is to seek legal advice and contact regulatory financial agencies related to this matter.

Bettye Sparks
Bettye Sparks

Spoke with a very rude manager in property insurance, I think Kevin. Hung up on me. Called for higher manager. Got transferred a few times to expedited? complaints. Were supposed to call back that day and never did. I never buy another product from USAA. Terrible customer service.

Kimbra Parry
Kimbra Parry

Years back I had an accident police report said it wasn’t my fault but your insurance branch marked it down has my fault. This is costing me extra in coverage of my car. Now I understand why you all were raising my rate which is why I left USAA. Now I am thinking I need to leaving the banking after an experience with one of your phone center personnel being rude and loud to me on the phone. This is sad because I have been with you a long time.


Has my previous Agent Mike Harvin retired?

Tiffany Manning
Tiffany Manning

Executive Support Team is rude and have know knowledge about why my credit card payment is being held when it usually clears right away. They did not try to help and definitely did not go a extra mile to ensure all avenues were covered with me. I am very disappointed and getting in touch with the corporate office is not possible. USAA needs to work on their customer service. I am very disappointed.

Unsatisfied Customer,
Tiffany Manning

To whom
To whom

To whom this may concern. I am no pleased how my claim is currently handle. I have receive for the tbird time the same document. To be complete. Due to USAA. Errors. Policy holder. James McAllister. 843 615xxxx

Tom O'Bryon
Tom O'Bryon

I have been a member for over forty years and have never experienced worst service than in the last two years. I have had two claim adjusters and cannot get a call back from either one – no letters, no calls, no emails after leaving many, many messages. Still no resolution! I’ll be happy to speak with a supervisor or expound on constructive ideas.

Latosha Robb
Latosha Robb

I would like a call back from the executive office immediately regarding my auto accident claim.