WalMart Stores, Inc. Headquarters

WalMart Stores, Inc. Headquarters
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WalMart Stores, Inc. Headquarters Contacts.

Corporate office address, contact information and phone numbers for the WalMart Stores, Inc. Headquarters.

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WalMart Stores, Inc. Headquarters Phone Number and Contacts.

Company Website
Sam’s Club
Corporate Address
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR
Company Contact
Michael Duke
President and CEO
Phone Number
(479) 273-4000
Fax Number
(479) 277-1830
Employee Count
Twitter IDs
@Walmart, @WalmartAction @walmarthelp

Where is Walmart’s Headquarters?

Walmart’s Corpororate Office address is:

Walmart Headquarters
702 Sw 8th St.
Bentonville, AR

What is Walmart’s Corporate Office Phone Number?

Walmart’s Headquarter’s phone number is: 1-479-273-4000. Walmart prefer that customers contact the customer service number below, however.

What is Walmart’s Customer Service Phone Number?

Walmart’s Customer Support phone number is: 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART)

How do I Contact the Walmart Customer Support?

Use the customer service phone number. Alternative, use the Walmart Email Form to ask a question.

The Walmart Customer Service email address is:

You can also contact Walmart Customer Care via their Twitter handle @walmarthelp or on Facebook at Click on the Contact on Messenger on the right hand side of the Facebook page to send the customer service team a Messenger message.


Walmart Executive Team.

  • Doug McMillon- President and CEO, Walmart
  • Greg Foran- President and CEO, Walmart U.S.
  • Judith McKenna- President and CEO, Walmart International
  • John Furner- President and CEO, Sam’s Club
  • Marc Lore- President and CEO, Walmart eCommerce U.S.
  • Andy Barron- Executive Vice President, Softlines and General Merchandise, Walmart U.S.
  • Dan Bartlett- Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs
  • Brett Biggs- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
  • Steve Bratspies- Chief Merchandising Officer, Walmart U.S.
  • Tracey D. Brown- Senior Vice President of Operations and Chief Experience Officer
  • Michael Dastugue- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Walmart U.S.
  • Pedro Farah- Executive Vice President and Treasurer, Walmart
  • David Galloreese- Senior Vice President of People, Sam’s Club
  • Ben-Saba Hasan- Senior Vice President and Chief Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Officer
  • Marybeth Hays- Executive Vice President, Consumables, Health and Wellness
  • Jamie Iannone- CEO, and Executive Vice President of Membership and Tech
  • Mark Ibbotson- Executive Vice President, Central Operations, Walmart U.S.
  • Ashley Buchanan- Executive Vice President and Chief Merchandising Officer, Sam’s Club
  • Jacqui Canney- Executive Vice President, Global People Division, Walmart Inc.
  • David M. Chojnowski- Senior Vice President and Controller
  • Maarten Jager- Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Sam’s Club
  • Clay Johnson- Executive Vice President and Enterprise Chief Information Officer, Walmart
  • Jay T. Jorgensen- Executive Vice President, Global Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer
  • Jeremy King- Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer
  • Kerry Kotouc- Senior Vice President – Sam’s Club General Counsel, Asset Protection
  • Liza Landsman – President,
  • Richard Mayfield- Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Walmart International
  • Kathleen McLaughlin- Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer, President at Walmart Foundation
  • Cindy Moehring- Senior Vice President, Chief Ethics & Compliance Officer – U.S.
  • Michael S. Moore- Executive Vice President, Supercenters – Walmart U.S.
  • Julie Murphy- Executive Vice President, People – Walmart U.S.
  • Enrique Ostalé- Executive Vice President and Regional CEO – U.K., Latin America and Africa, Walmart International.
  • Kerry Pauling- Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer – Walmart International
  • Charles Redfield- Executive Vice President, Food, Walmart U.S.
  • Karen Roberts- Executive Vice President and General Counsel, Walmart Inc.
  • Tony Rogers- Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Walmart U.S.
  • Gisel Ruiz- Executive Vice President of Operations, Sam’s Club
  • Greg Smith- Executive Vice President, Supply Chain, Walmart U.S.
  • JP Suarez- Executive Vice President, Walmart Realty
  • Dirk Van den Berghe- Executive Vice President and Regional CEO – Walmart Canada and Asia
  • Hsiao Wang- Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, Sam’s Club


The Walmart Board Of Directors.

  • Gregory B. Penner- Chairman Walmart Board of Directors – General Partner of Madrone Capital Partners
  • James I. Cash, Jr.- Lead Independent Director
  • Sarah Friar- Chief Financial Officer of Square, Inc.
  • Timothy P. Flynn Retired Chairman and CEO of KPMG International
  • Carla A. Harris- Vice Chairman, Global Wealth Management and Senior Client Advisor, Morgan Stanley
  • Steven S Reinemund- Retired Dean of Business and Professor of Leadership and Strategy at Wake Forest University
  • Kevin Systrom- CEO and Co-Founder, Instagram
  • S. Robson Walton (Rob Walton)- Retired Chairman of the Board of Directors of Walmart
  • Steuart Walton- Founder and Chairman, RZC Investments
  • Tom Horton- Senior Advisor, Warburg Pincus and Former Chairman and CEO of American Airlines
  • Marissa A. Mayer- Former President and CEO of Yahoo!, Inc.
  • Doug McMillon- President and CEO, Walmart


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i went to the walmart store in piscataway nj to return an item. i had the original receipt and the item was not used. i was told that i had purchased the item over 90 days before and no refunds were given after 90 days. the customer service rep pointed to a big sign on the wall., there is nothing on my reciept that the return policy was good for only 90 days. why is there nothing on the customers receipt advising us of walmarts return policy, as far as i am concerned, there is no time limit for the return since nothing is on the receipt.

Muljibhai Patel
Muljibhai Patel

I am facing a problem to login to apply for a job at Walmart using my email address as an ID ,but it doesn’t go through. How can I apply ? Is there any suggestion?


I had the worst experience at the store at 3223 Hammer Lane in Stockton, CA on May 24, 2018. The manager is Rickey Robertson. After my fourth call to Customer Relations (the first three calls made me feel as if my issues would be resolved). The last person I spoke to agreed with the store decision to not refund my money order before investigating the history of my complaint. When I asked to speak to her supervisor, whose name is George, he also agreed and in a reprimanding tone told me that they can’t make the stores do anything even though I met the requirements of the stores’ policy for refunding a money order. In addition to that the assistant manager, Michelle, refused to acknowledge hat I met the requirements according to policy. I don’t recommend any customers to use the financial services of purchasing money orders because Walmart has a problem with backing up the service that they give and refer you to Moneygram. You will never speak to a live person with Moneygram. If Walmart does not refund you then you have to complete a claim. You are charged $18 and it will take about three weeks to get your money back for an eighty-eight sent money order. So much for giving customers a great experience at WalMart.

Barbara Sanders
Barbara Sanders

Ran across this on the internet.

Monique … Have you heard about the Walmart boycott? On June 21st no black dollar circulate in Walmart chains. you can help by spreading the word not to shop at Walmart on JRan across this on the inune 21st. Often times we March in the streets and our black men are still dying. Stand with us today with our new form of boycotting. Walmart will not be the only store we boycott it will just be the first of many. Spread the word today. #boycottWalmartonJune21

Jacob Soares
Jacob Soares

I notice while on Vacation at Hillsboro, Oregon. Jehovah’s Witnesses had a Religious Booth
outside the Walmart store. I like it because it is all positive information.
Can you permit a booth like that here on Maui,Hawaii where I live?


If you shop at the Poplar Bluff Walmart Store there is a manager named Steve watch out because he has got a high temper and he does not like vendors or merchandisers he has caused so much trouble with vendors he thinks he is a store manager and over runs his authority in this store he needs a reality check and he really needs to go to a different store all together than the one here or get out of retail and leave Wal – Mart all together it is sad that this manager has this much of a attitude problem and that he causes this much of a problem with other people

Frank R. Iloff
Frank R. Iloff

Went to Wal-mart today 7-17-2018 in Moberly MO. off of the 24 highway, loaded up some groceries about $130.00, went to pay with check, (check was not mine it is in my mother’s name) in which I have POA over. Well they asked for my ID in which I gave it to them, they said your name is not on the check and I said I have POA. I totally understood the dilemma that they would need to see proof. They said to set groceries aside and they would be waiting for me when I got back. Went home got POA papers and showed the proof of POA. Oh, forgot, when I got back groceries were not there, they had put everything back which was disappointing to me. Anyway showed them proof and was still denied from purchasing groceries. My mother is 87, and my father is 91, It’s not easy for them to get out and to go anywhere, that is why the Power Of Attorney was given to me to do their business for them. What may I ask is your policy on those who have POA?


I received my Walmart Charge Card. I went to Whitesburg Walmart In Letcher Co. KY. The cashier ask me if I want a Walmart Charge Card , she told me that I would get $25.00. I made a purchase today and my card was declined! The cashier told me that I had to make that purchase when I signed up for this card. The cashier the day I signed up for this card, had already checked me out. Why didn’t she ask before I made that purchase that day!! I am very upset. The cashiers need to be told to give the customer information before they check out!! We have a generic Walmart in Whitesburg. I can not buy a full sheet of Bounty paper towels. I have to drive to a Super Center to make that purchase. Someone in headquarters need to call the manager. The manager needs to know what is going on with these cashiers. I am disappointed in the Walmart Charge card.

Mary Ann Parks
Mary Ann Parks

My biracial granddaughter was stopped by the older, white, female greeter today to have her merchandise compared to her sales receipt. I have NEVER witnessed this happening at this store. There is a small black population where we live (Plainwell/Otsego, MI) but this is unacceptable. I have shopped at this store every week since it opened – spent tens of thousands of dollars there! I will NEVER shop there again. Management needs to weigh the abuse of customers against the monetary loss of mistreating people of color. I called and spoke with an assistant manager and he did not seem to take this seriously. I will shop at Meijers and the locally owned Harding’s store from now on.


since when does wal mart take a full time employee and give them part time hours ? since the managers best friends kids need hours store 4399 Elkhart in. yet they still have a help wanted sign in front of the building but only friends of the manager are hired and no one else still empty shelves thru out the store. need to fire managers and hire someone that is not biased.

dorothy v ojea
dorothy v ojea

i have been using the pharmancy at the walmart on 6th st in corona ca 92882 since i moved here 5 mo ago and ask every time why there are there no sani wipes at the door., each time talking to a different person was told we are going to soon , even by management . this is not a very clean store to begin with floors etc and the carts are very dirty i will be changing pharmacys so i do not have to go there any more there any more . but hope something will be done about this .


The customers of Walmart leave shopping carts in parking spaces so frequently that often I have to get out of my car and move a shopping cart so that I can park. Take a look at the Aldi Store parking lot. There are not carts left everywhere. Why not? Because at Aldi, you must put 25 cents into the cart to move it and when you return the cart to the cart rack, you get your 25 cents released back to you. I think Walmart should adopt the Aldi model.